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DIY Solar Power Kits Reviewed

With the influx of DIY solar power kits on the market, we thought it a good idea to bring you a review of the top three products we have found so far. These guides have brought DIY solar power kits into the realm of afford ability for most people. Residential solar power has now become a reality and with the current economic crisis set to worsen the idea of homemade solar power is not only an environmentally friendly measure but also a cost saving one.

Renewable energy and alternative fuels have become increasingly popular, it is with this in mind that we bring you, after extensive testing, the top 3 rated DIY Solar Power guides.

‘Editors Choice’

Finally! A complete step-by-step guide
to making solar power at home!

This step by step easy to follow, illustrated manual will have you harvesting your own DIY solar power for under $200!

The folks at Earth for Energy have put together an outstanding product which represents excellent value for money

After extensive testing across the globe, these guys have come up with plans to assemble your own solar power system.

Normally the cost of setting up Solar Power runs into the 1000’s of dollars, in fact to get a Solar Power System installed can cost in the tens of thousands of dollar’s!

Boasting energy savings of upto 80% this extremely easy to follow guide is without a doubt THE NUMBER ONE rated DIY Solar Power guide available today

Good News!
The Earth For Energy Manual is Still Available For Just $49.97!

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‘Runner Up’

Reduce your homes power bills and start living on clean, green energy!

Coming in a respectable second is the Make Power at Home guide

This guide walks you through a step-by-step process of making your own home made solar panel’s

Easy to read this guide is a little more expensive than our number one rated product and therefore represents slightly less value for money in our opinion. Nevertheless it is a great guide, well worth investing in

As with all the DIY Solar Power Guides reviewed, as well as doing your bit for the environment and becoming self sufficient, the process of assembling your own solar power system is a lot of fun.

As we said its a little more expensive, but at its currently price of $69 it still represents good value for money!

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‘3rd Place’
Produce your own Residential Solar Energy and Save $$$’s

The final of our three products under review is DIY Home Solar Power.

We found DIY Home Solar Power guide to be a pretty good product, the only things that detract from it are sadly an at times non-existent support service, the silence was deafening when we tried to email them on a number of occasions, whilst most of our emails where promptly answered, others still remain unanswered to this day. Perhaps this is due to the popularity of the product or maybe some problems associated with it we did not run into.

We also found that the materials outlined in the guide where more expensive than those recommend in the other two guides

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So there you have it, as you can see from our review above the leading DIY solar panels guide you can currently purchase is the highly recommend Earth for Energy Guide. If you’re serious about building your own DIY solar panels head over to their official site [Click Here]

A word of warning there are many Bogus or low quality DIY solar power kit guides out there, the ones presented above represent what we believe to be our top three products, all of which are quality guides, which will help you save money whilst doing your bit for the environment at the same time.