DIY Solar Power

Do it Yourself Residential Solar Energy

Adelaide Hills Solar – Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Hills Solar provide Solar and Wind Energy Systems that promise to make you part of the solution to the Greenhouse problems. They do this by providing you with a grid interactive solar system.

As this system uses clean, renewable solar energy, there are no greenhouse emissions given off, which will help you reduce your carbon footprint and help save the earth from the effects of further global warming.

Grid connect is a system where solar panels collect sunlight and converts it to useable electricity. This electricity is then ready to be used and whatever excess is left over (energy you don’t use) is fed back into the electricity grid. You can work this system so that you are left with little or no power bill.

Address: PO Box 497, Blackwood SA 5051

Phone: 08 8370 8688

Fax: 08 8339 1656


  • Solar Hot Water
  • Grid Connect
  • Stand Alone Systems
  • Solar Pumps

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