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Alternative Energy – Hyrdoelectricity (Hydropower)

Hydroelectricity is produced by the gravitational force created by falling water (this force is referred to as hydropower).

Hydroelectricity is an alternative energy which is perhaps not so alternative. It is the worlds most used form of renewable energy and gives of no direct waste and relatively minuscule amounts of CO2 in comparison to fossil fuels (the CO2 is released during the manufacturing of the power, not directly from hydroelectricity). Currently over 20% of the worlds electricity is derived from Hydroelectricity.

Hydroelectricity does have its down side, the effects on the environment and the economy of constructing and maintaining the massive dams needed to produce sufficient quantities of power is quite destructive.

The act of dam construction, disrupts many ecological factors, mainly harming fish and surrounding lands, not to mention the impact on human life if a dam fails.

Having said this at this stage it remains our most environmentally large scale source of energy yet, although it is renewable, it is dependent on weather conditions as low water levels can lead to low electricity production and as populations continue to increase and our need for power and water use grows, we turn to more and larger dams to satisfy our needs.

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