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Alternative Energy – Residential Wind Power

The first alternative energy resource we will take a look at is residential wind power.

By catching the energy generated by the action of wind blowing over and as a result turning turbines an electrical generator in turn converts this action into energy in the form of current which can be stored in batteries or used as required.

Harnessing Wind Power is nothing new, in fact it is centuries old. Farmers have for years been using it in the form of windmills and one only needs to look at nay postcard image of Holland to know the countryside is dotted with them also. Whilst not strictly used to generate energy (they were used mainly for grinding grain and moving water) the idea of catching and converting wind to do work is nothing new.

Many countries have now implemented “wind farms” which are used to generate energy, both in terms of supplying the power grid and providing isolated regions off the power grid with electricity.

Wind farms have many positives, mainly it is a renewable energy source and is a environmentally friendly method for producing power. Whilst a good constant stream of wind is needed to keep the turbines moving, using batteries to store the generated energy will provide supply during times of little or no wind.

Residential wind power has now become a reality, supplementing your power usage with electricity generated by wind power will see you make drastic savings on your power bill and help save the environment.

DIY Wind Power projects (DIY = Do it Yourself) are a fun and rewarding way to not only learn more about our environment, but save you money in the process. You don’t need to be a great handyman / tradesman to build your own windmill, it can be done for under a hundred dollars and there are many good DIY residential wind power guides avaliable.

There are a number of good options available for those looking to get into DIY Residential wind power generation, the best of which I have personally found is available here DIY Residential Wind Power. Complete with video instrutions and easy to follow, its well worth checking out these products and having a go at building your own wind power system.Alternative Energy – Residential Wind Power

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