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Whilst the primary focus of this blog is solar energy, it is certainly not the only alternative energy option out there. So over the next series of articles we will be taking a look into a number of alternative energies and the pros and cons associated with each type.

Just a few of the energy sources we will be looking into are

  1. Wind Power
  2. Solar Power
  3. Geothermal Power
  4. Hydroelectric
  5. Hydrogen Power
  6. Biodiesel
  7. Other Gas driven energy’s

There are of course many others we will look into in the future as well as other more practical tips you can employ with existing power sources, to save both power and money. There are many simple things householders can do around the house everyday to save money and help the environment, see our article Top 10 Environmental and Money Saving Tips for more information

For now a good place to start may be taking a look back at one of our earlier articles on solar energy Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

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