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Apple To Build New Solar Energy Farm

Apple Solar PowerApple have released a statement outlining its intention to further increase its commitment to using alternative energy with plans revealed to build what would amount to the largest non-government owned solar harvesting farm in the US.

The plan is for the site to produce 20MW and will be located at a new soon to be built data center located at Maiden which is in North Carolina.

To make things even more “green” the farm will obtain much of its running energy from a massive 5MV Bio-gas fuel cell that is already slated to built as part of the data center.

Due to a number of wide ranging implementations, the Maiden data center is Apple’s cleanest data center to date, ensuring it receives the coveted LEED platinum certification.

The LEED Platinum certification is awarded by the US Green Building Council and the data center will cost a whopping $1 billion dollars!.

Some other initiatives include

  • a white solar reflective roof
  • Energy efficient LED lighting that turns on and off with motion
  • regulation of on peak and off peak energy usage for systems like stored chilled water.
  • Higher voltage delivery of power, resulting in less energy loss.


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