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Boom In Solar Power Related Jobs Predicted

The first indication that Barrack Obama’s green job creation schemes are starting to take aeffect, the SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) has forecasted an increase in solar power related jobs by as much as 200,000 over the next two years.

This increase is due largely to the extension of the Solar Manufacturing Tax credit as well as the extensions of the treasury grant program.

This signals a massive change in the rate of uptake of solar technologies and may lead to for the first time a signifcant and measurable impact on reversing the effects of global warming.

Green benefits aside, this signals a great emlpoyement oportunity for many which will inturn will lead to more investiment in solar technology, more research and more implementation. Its a win for the unemployed, the economy and the environment, which to this date has been quite an unusual (but pleasant) set of circumstances.

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