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DIY Solar Power Kits – Do They Really Work?

I thought it would be a good idea to get a colleague of mine to answer this questions, Joe Stark is also a solar energy consultant, who actually put me onto the idea of DIY solar power solutions. I will let Joe answer this question in his own words.

“A question that many people interested in building their own DIY Solar Power kit ask is do they really work?

By “really work” they mean do they actually collect and produce enough energy to reliably power appliances? Well from my own experiences I’m glad to report that YES!  DIY Solar Power kits do work!

After initially getting Jon hooked on the idea of DIY Solar Power kits I have watched him go past me, At last count he was powering over 60% of his households energy needs. I on the other hand still primarily use solar energy to run a smaller number of appliances, in particular my laptop, router, pc, lighting in my study, ceiling fans and just recently a solar power ready oven as well as few other devices.

Once you have a good system in place it really is a “buzz” to have your household running off your own homemade energy. No longer worrying about excess bills or usage is fantastic, I can work deep into the night with my study lights on without fear or guilt about what impact my energy usage is having, both environmentally and economically.

The beauty of solar energy is that it is such a clean renewable energy, you are not doing one bit of damage to the environment by harvesting and using solar energy, you are even helping to contribute to repairing the environment, as your traditional power usage drops so too will the amount of harmful by products given off during production.

And in the uncertain times ahead, who knows how critical having a system like this may prove to be, so stay a step ahead of the global political situation and get into DIY Solar Power kits.”

J. Stark

You can learn more about DIY Solar Power kits by clicking [HERE]

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