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DIY Solar Power – Should You Build Your Own Solar Panels?

DIY Solar Power has now become a reality, all across the internet guides are springing up promoting DIY solar power solutions and the benefits you can reap from making your own solar panels, but the question needs to be raised, can you really build your own solar panels?

To answer this question I thought it would be a good idea to share my own personal experiences in building my own DIY solar power system.

I first got interested in solar as an alternative energy form when I started to look closer at not only the cost of my households energy consumption but also the impact traditional energy sources are having on the environment.

Being a cleaner, renewable and free form of energy I settled on solar as my alternative energy. I did a search on the internet found a local installer and gave their phone number a call, what happened next shocked me, the cost of having a system installed was just under $9,000! this just wasn’t an option, it would take years to recoup the cost of installation with the savings made from using solar. I decided to dig a little deeper and being a handyman type of guy started looking for a do it yourself (DIY) solution.

I ended up purchasing a how to build solar panels guide for just under $50 and set about following the instructions laid out within. Day one had me taking a trip to my hardware store and purchasing specified materials, this cost me around $200, day two had me hard at work putting together the panels, on day 3 I placed the panels in a good position, wired them to some batteries and there you have it in 3 days I was up and running with my first homemade solar panel.

Take it from me, If I can build my own solar panel anyone can, just make sure you get a good “how to build a solar panel” guide that illustrates very clearly what materials you need to assemble and the steps you need to take to build, you will have a lot of fun building you own DIY solar power panels as wells enjoy the financial savings you will reap.

If your looking to build your own solar panels, make sure you get yourself a good guide, click the following link to read reviews of the best guides currently available. CLICK HERE – Home Made Energy

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