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Households are looking toward DIY wind power kits to help save money and contribute to helping the environment. Whilst the solar power solution provides the most popular form of alternative energy, wind power is becoming increasingly popular.

The combination of solar and wind power promises to provide not only free, environmentally safe forms of energy but it allows us to live a much freer lifestyle when it comes to energy consumption. No longer will you feel guilt or be berated for using too much energy! these forms of energy come from renewable sources that do not give off harmful environmental side effects.

Similar to solar power DIY kits, DIY wind power kit windmills can be built from materials found at your local hardware store for a price of around $200.

Wind power is the simple process of collecting energy formed by wind passing over turbines. Wind power alone must be looked at more as a supplement to “on grid” sources of energy, to live totally independent from the power grid would see an approach that would have to incorporate solar energy as well.

Fortunately our number one rated DIY solar power guide has a bonus of a DIY wind power guide, containing blueprints, instructions (written, illustrated and video) that take you step by step through the process of building your own wind mill.

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