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PV Solar PanelsIf you have found this article, there is a good chance you are looking into the viability of building your own PV solar panels.

PV Solar Panels are Photovoltaic Solar Panels that convert solar radiation into direct current electricity via a process that makes use of semiconductors that display the photovoltaic effect, which is essentially defined as the creation of electric current in a material when exposed to sunlight. The current is created as a result of collisions between photons and electrons.

PV Solar Panels are panels are made up of series of cells, which convert sunlight into electricity.

The benefits of replacing your traditional energy sources with solar energy are well known. By replacing grid electricity with solar, we dramatically reduce our carbon footprint as solar is a renewable clean energy, unlike our traditional power sources. Aside from being environmentally friendly, the other main benefit of “going” solar is it is essentially free energy from the sun, in some countries this means you will not have to pay a dime once your solar panels have been installed. Whilst this is great for the average homeowner, it also is a god send for people in third world countries or remote areas where the grid doesn’t reach. You will even be able to sell excess energy back to the grid!

In just about every country on the planet you can now purchase commercially made solar panels and have them installed, the only problem is these panels can be extremely expensive. Fitting out the average home with enough solar panels to substantially reduce their dependence on grid electricity would see costs run into the many thousands of dollars.

Do it yourself PV solar panels are extremely affordable, costing as little as $200 to build. The materials to build the panels are readily available and you don’t need to hold a phd in physics or engineering to build one. There are many instructions guides available that walk you through the surprisingly easy process. (Click Here To Learn More)

Whether you are looking to replace your whole power system at home or simply build a small panel to take camping or mount on the top of your Recreational vehicle, you can get the job done cheaply by building your own diy solar power panels.

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