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Do It Yourself Solar Panels – Cost Effective Green Energy Solution

Most people agree that global warming is a very real and serious issue which we must redress as we move forward to finding environmentally friendly, clean, renewable energy sources

A number of alternative energies have recently received attention, wind, solar, hydro even magnetic.

Of these the most promising of all alternative energies so far is solar. Solar has been shown to generate substantial enough amounts for energy to efficiently run a household and even small to large businesses. Solar is clean, renewable energy harvested directly from the sun. It produces no emissions in any stage of its energy production cycle (harvesting, conversion, production, delivery and consumption).

Unfortunately an extremely prohibitive factor that often puts the average homeowner, more often than not struggling to make ends meet, off the idea of solar energy is the cost. This cost can run into the many thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your home and the number of people and electrical appliances being used within.

The paradox is that once implemented, solar panels will save you many thousands of dollars over a number of years, but the initial outlay often proves to put them off.

For the householder wanting to contribute to reducing their carbon footprint by implementing solar there is a much more affordable do it yourself solar panels solution. DIY solar power guides are readily available online and in book stores. These guides will show you how to easily build your own solar panels for a couple of hundred dollars with materials found at your local hardware store.

do it yourself solar panels

A DIY solar panels project is a fun project for the diy enthusiast or even a school project, but makes no mistake it can be used to generate a decent amount of energy for use in your home. Some diy kit manufacturers claim you can save as much as %80 of your household energy usage by using solar panels. If true this would lead to substantial savings as your energy bill would be slashed by a huge amount.

Making small, portable panels is also particularly desirable to the outdoor enthusiast, or those that like to travel. Do it yourself panels are perfect for taking on a camping trip or mounting on the top of your rv van to power your cookers, lighting, radio, tv, laptop etc when you are in a remote region that isn’t powered.

So as you can see do it yourself solar panels are an extremely cost effect, environmentally friendly alternative energy choice.

If you’re ready to start building your own do it yourself solar panels, head on over to the following link for a review of the top 3 diy solar panel guides, Click Here

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