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Germany Leading The Way With Over 2 Giga Watts Solar Installed

Germany leads The Way:

Germany has lead the way in December 2011 with over 2 Gig watts of photovoltaic solar panels installed, this outshone United States which it is reported installed approx 1.7gigawatts of panels for the entire year of 2011! Germany looks set for a total over 7 Giga watts for 2011.

The main reason for this rush of German citizens taking up solar power is due to subsidies with the feed-in tariff discounting its costs by 15% on the first day of January 2012 and is set for another 15% cut by the first of July 2012.

The good news is the rush to convert to solar looks set to continue due to the reduction in costs.

Now if we can just get the rest of the panel to study and follow this German model of Solar transition it would truly make for a good new year.

Mercom Germany Solar Table


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