DIY Solar Power

Do it Yourself Residential Solar Energy

Go Off Grid and Build Your Own Solar Panels

With the alarming state of global warming and the dire current economic environment we find ourselves in today, it should come as no surprise that many people are looking toward solar energy to go “off grid”, save money and help the environment.

Solar energy is currently the most viable alternative energy solution we have discovered. This due to the billions of dollars that have been ploughed into the research and development of solar panels.

Of all the current usable energy sources Solar is one of the most environmentally friendly as well. No harmful emissions are given off in the production, harvesting and consumption of solar energy.

Solar energy is obtained from energy given off by the sun, and infinitely renewable energy source, as long as the sun continues to shine you will have energy.

Unfortunately, whilst the uptake of solar power by homeowners is on the increase, many people are turned off the idea because of the high price of buying solar panels and having them installed.

However there is now a much cheaper solution that enables every household to get into solar energy and that is to build them yourself! Yes you heard right, it’s now possible to build your own solar cells and it’s not as difficult as you are probably thinking.

The materials you need to build a working solar panel are easily to find at your local hardware store and can be purchased for the fraction of the price of a retail solar panel.

Guides that outline not only what materials you need but also how to assemble them into a solar panel are available online and can be purchased for under fifty dollars.

Doing a Google search for “diy solar power” will reveal a plethora of information, some good, some not so good, its critical you find a good guide to follow if you decide to undertake your own do it yourself solar panel project.

Over time as you build more panels you will lessen your dependence on “on grid” power. You can stop here and replace as much as 80% of your traditional energy source, or you can soldier on, build even more panels or perhaps add something like wind turbines so you can eventually go totally “off grid” and have no dependence on the power grid what so ever.

So if you want to “stick it to the man” and go “off grid” where you will be free of escalating costs and government regulations then building your own solar panels is definitely the way to go.

To learn more about how you can go off grid and build your own homemade solar cells take a look at the following link diy solar panels

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