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Homemade Energy – Just How Much Money Can Building a DIY Solar Power Kit Really Save You?

Whilst its all well and good to be environmentally conscious and active, when it comes down to it, one of the driving factors, if not the biggest driving factor behind households turning toward homemade energy, mainly in the form of solar energy, is to save some money.

Traditional energy resources are an expensive commodity these days, who doesn’t groan when the power bill appears in your letterbox. Just imagine never seeing one of those again or if you do it could be under a hundred bucks!. This is a reality with homemade energy just think what you could do with the extra money, Im sure you could find some uses for it, even if its only to save it for the troubled times ahead.

Ironically the thing that stops the vast majority of homeowners from installing their own solar power system is cost! Purchasing a retail solar power system and having it installed can cost a lot of money, thousands of dollars in fact, money that many of us just don’t have. It was with this in mind I started investigating DIY Solar Power Kits.

I did some research online and ended up purchasing the best guide I could find (you can read some reviews on DIY Solar Power Kits [here]), a good guide is crucial, the one I purchased set out clearly step by step exactly what materials I needed to gather and how to put them together. At the end of the day I purchased all the materials from the local hardware store for dead on $200, depending what country you live in, this could be alot less.

Well I guess you are all wondering if it actually saved me any money, well the answer is yes, in fact it saved me a hell of a lot of money!. Working as a Solar energy consultant for over 6 years had me feeling very skeptical about the viability of a homemade energy solution such as diy solar power, but wow was I pleasantly suprised as to the effectiveness of my homemade solar panels.

I estimate we are running about 40% off the grid and 60% solar, over the coming months we are planning to produce another set of panels and forecast we will be running %80 solar. With a household of 2 kids and 2 adults we stand to save thousands of dollars annually!, this of course will vary from household to household, but you can see significant savings which will quickly pay for the original $200 out lay and have you saving money within your first energy bill. Why the massive savings? well solar energy is free! no charges, taxes or tariffs on this form of energy, you can even sell excess power you are no longer using back to the power grid.

So even if your not interested in helping the environment or even if you are, implementing your own diy solar power kit and producing your own homemade energy will translate to some very nice savings indeed.

If you want to start saving money with your very own diy solar power kit, check out the following reviews to help you make decision as to which guide to go for. DIY Solar Power Kits Reviewed

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