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Homemade Windmill – The Perfect Accompaniment to Solar Power

Whilst this blogs focus is mainly on do it yourself solutions for solar power, building a homemade windmill is the perfect partner to help slash your power bills even further and become even more independent from the power grid.

A Homemade Windmill is another great DIY project, from which you stand to save a nice amount of money whilst helping the environment. Wind power is one of the oldest energy sources we have, its used particularly in farming can be traced back centuries.

Similar to its solar power kit cousin a homemade windmill can be assembled for around $100 with materials readily available at your local hard ware store. The process of assembling and implementing your own kit is simple and straightforward, provided you have a good instruction guide to work from (You can find the best instruction guide here)

A Homemade Windmill harness’s wind power by collecting the energy created when wind pushes across the turbines of a windmill.

You can of course buy a retail, commercial windmill but this will cost you thousands of dollars and the return on your energy bill could take months to recoup the cost.

Combining both DIY solar power and Wind power is the perfect combination, use your wind power on the days the wind is blowing and store the energy in batteries, when the wind isn’t blowing you can switch over to the solar energy you have been storing, get this right and you can forget living on the grid altogether and wave goodbye to those exorbitant power bills.

As mentioned above you need to insure you get a good instruction guide (set of plans) to ensure you build a Windmill that works, unfortunately there are some very ordinary guides out there.

Check list of what you want in your Homemade Windmill Guide

  1. The guide must be clear and concise, written in such a way that there is no confusion.
  2. Must be contain easy to follow diagrams of the assembly procedure.
  3. Video Instructions are preferable, they make life so much easier.
  4. ongoing support via email.
  5. You want instructions that outline how to build a homemade windmill with at least 100watt output

For a guide that satisfy’s all of the above check list take a look at the following link, take a weekend off and build your own homemade windmill


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