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How Much Electricity You Can Get From Wind Power

There’s probably no need to tell you of the importance of using renewable energy sources. If people knew a little more about clean, renewable energy sources we’d demand it from our energy suppliers and we could all breathe a little easier. When we don’t pay attention to how our energy is produced, we continue to meet our needs for energy through unhealthy means which harm our environment and our bodies.

It is vital to make sure that we, as the adults, are not only learning about renewable energy but that our future generations are learning about it as well. Before you even get to the point of wondering how much electricity the wind generators produce, it is import to learn a little bit about how they work in the first place.

One thing which people worry about in connection to the use of power is failing to understand how the technology works. They may fear that in the absence of a steady wind, the turbines used will not generate power. However, it takes only the lightest breeze to produce electricity. The kinetic energy of the wind is converted into electricity and can be used to meet the energy needs of homes and businesses.

A wind generator will work best when installed on the roof of the building, as this allows it to catch more wind energy. However, it may be a good idea to have a backup supply of electrical power, so you may not want to call your local utility to disconnect just yet.

If you’re not able to get enough wind power to handle your usage, this will provide you with a failsafe system to meet your electricity needs. When there is a lot of wind to use (for instance, anytime that there are winds of more than 7 mph), then you may even be able to sell the unused energy you generate to your local utility company.

Wind power can indeed generate enough electricity for your household’s needs. If not, there is still the electrical supply from your utility company and you can either sell the surplus electricity you generate or if you have batteries for this purpose, store the extra energy for use later on.

Being able to sell this energy to the power company is a way that you will be able to earn back the money you put into installing the wind generators to begin with. The exact amount of energy that a person can expect from the use of their wind generator will simply depend on the size of generator they are using.

In an area with 12mph average wind speed, a 10kw wind generator can produce around 10,000kw annually. This is enough to meet the energy needs of the typical home. A 5-MW wind turbine, by contrast can produce upwards of 15 million kw in a year – enough to power 14,000 homes!

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