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Magnets 4 Energy – Magnetic Generator Free Energy

Zero point energy was used a hundred years ago to power cars. Now, it has re-emerged as a central part of the search for free energy. This includes three revolutionary technologies: wireless transmission of electricity, free electrostatic energy, and passive electrical propulsion.

Most people recognize that magnets have a field that has power. They have a north and south end which will attract and repel. When the magnets begin attracting and repelling against each other, they will create a motion. Unlike other forms of alternative energy, magnets do not need any input to produce power. Thus, a Magnetic Generator Free Energy is also known as a zero point energy generator.

A zero point magnetic power generator uses magnetic force to encourage continual motion. This motion is called perpetual motion and will generate power without ever stopping. It will generate an unlimited amount of free electric energy that will run infinitely and power your home for the rest of your life, and it can even produce more power than you will actually need. For these reasons, using a magnetic generator is definitely beneficial in that it can cut your power bill completely out and help you save a lot of money. In some cases, the electrical company will even end up paying you for the extra power it creates.

Other benefits of a magnetic generator are that it takes up very little space and it can be used in any type of climate because it does not depend on any external weather.

But perhaps the best benefit of a magnetic generator is that it won?t harm the environment. Being a one hundred percent clean form of energy, it is very eco-friendly. A magnetic generator free energy will not only save us on finances; it will also save the planet in which we live.

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