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Renewable Energy – What Can I Do?

You cannot define renewable energy that easily. It is the general term used for a whole range of unconventional energy sources, so the definition has to be all-encompassing. As most experts put it, renewable energy is any energy source that occurs naturally and very widely.

Nuclear power is the origin for most renewable energy sources. This nuclear power is the one from the sun. In a huge nuclear reaction, the sun creates energy in form of light and heat which we can use in the form of natural energy. The sun is the number one source of solar power, wind power and biomass energy. Many call fossil fuels for biomass energy but it’s limited and have several calamitous side effects.

The US federal National Renewable Energy Laboratory has a good renewable energy program that researches the latest energy-saving building techniques. Scientists have realized that energy efficiency is the way to go, and this body educates people in this aspect.

They cooperate with the leaders of the construction industry, highlight attempts to try to build using renewable energy and give information to producers as well as consumers how they can save money by using this type of energy. NREL also collaborate with agencies to set a rule of thumb for buildings and other energy consuming contrivances.

The use of renewable energy is beneficial for the our sadly polluted world. Wind and solar energy are two main types of this energy. Bio fuels, geothermal energy and wave or tidal power are fast becoming more popular in areas where they can be applied.

What is the difference between renewable and alternative energy?

Many people are not aware of the slight difference between the two. Renewable energy is essentially natural; it is the energy we can derive from the sun or wind or waves. Alternative energy, however, includes biofuels and nuclear energy sources which are not totally healthy options.

The infrastructure we have is suited for fossil fuels, even though renewable energy or green energy more cost effective. Our government has not been busy taking any steps to change things and go in for green energy sources. With the present situation worsening every day, we have to get a change really soon.

A good thing about fossil fuels is the easy way we can store the energy we get, a procedure that is more complicated with renewable or green energy sources. Solar power, for instance, is not that effective in cloudy weather. Without any wind, that source of energy cannot be made use of. This and the fact that initial costs to get energy from these unconventional sources are relatively high, have lent it a small drawback when we compare to traditional energy sources.

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