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Residential Solar Energy – Homemade Solar Panels

With the popularity of residential solar energy at all time high, it make sense that many consumers are looking for information on homemade solar panels.

The lure of a more affordable energy source without the costs associated with traditional residential solar energy, has seen droves of people across the globe undertaking their own DIY (do it yourself) projects to make homemade solar panels.

There are a number of resources on the net that will point you in the right direction as to what materials you need, where to get them and a blueprint to walk you through the process.

The best one we have come across so far is by the earth4energy people, you can check out their site for more information [click here]

As you can see from our reviews page Residential Solar Energy – Homemade Solar Panels reviewed we rate the earth4energy kit the highest by far.

Quite simply put it is a quality product, which delivers what it promises, an easy to follow and implement guide which will slash your power bill and help save the environment. They are also currently offering a $40 discount on their kit which represents a great saving.

Inside the kit, the videos which teach you how to tab your own cells and how to string your cells together correctly for maximum power, are outstanding and the handbook is very easy to follow.

Along with the diy homemade solar panels guide, you also receive a guide to building your own wind power generator for under $200.

The total cost of the Homemade Solar Panels project will be around $40 to purchase a good guide and approximately another $200 to assemble the materials needed. When you take into consideration the fact you can cut your power bill by around 80%, I am sure you will agree this is a small price to pay.

Grab yourself one of these residential solar energy kits they are a lot of fun and you will be doing your bit for the environment and for your wallet!

Residential Solar Energy – Homemade Solar Panels

DIY Solar Power Kits Reviewed

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