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Rushing Rivers to provide MesoHABSIM training Courses

Technology is growing at a rapid pace and environmental science needs to stay up to par. In response to this, Rushing Rivers Institute scientists have adapted models to utilize these advances in order to better fight river destruction. The result is MesoHABSIM, a sophisticated augmentation of former habitat simulation models to help river scientists in their simulation as well as future river plans.

MesoHABSIM is designed to implement habitat modeling for not only scientific use, but businesses who are environmentally conscious as well. The MesoHABSIM model allows for planning that can accurately predict the impact of construction, development and extraction on rivers and their ecosystems. This responsible planning will not only benefit the environment, but reflect well on the organization that chooses to do so.

Because of the novelty of the technology, Rushing Rivers is offering training courses to inquiring scientists on its use and applications. These courses will be offered both in the Hadley, Massachusetts, as well as Madrid, Spain. Companies and scientists alike will be able to evaluate its effectiveness and use.

The two day introductory course is organized to teach the basics of MesoHABSIM data collection and modeling. It is designed for those who will not be utilizing the technology in the near future but are interested in having an understanding of its usage and necessity.

The four day course is intended for those who will be using MesoHABSIM in the near future for environmental research and studies. In addition to the introductory portion, participants in the course will have the opportunity to learn about data processing, as well as training in Sim-Stream software as well.

Both of these courses involve hands-on training with highly trained and experienced professionals. The courses offered in Hadley, Massachusetts will be conducted May 4th through the 7th. In Spain, the courses are conducted April 20th through the 23rd.

Rushing Rivers Institute very strongly encourages those who are in the river science field and businesses whose plans will impact the surrounded rivers to participate in these events. The world’s waters are at a point of degradation where no human intervention will spell certain disaster. This technology will facilitate those who are working towards change to conduct their research in much more accurate and efficient ways.

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