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Solar Lights: Have You Cashed In On It Lately?

When it comes to lights in our future, solar lights are the way to go. Humans have been using the light from the sun for ages, but it has only been in the past few years that we can harness and use the power from the sun. Using solar lights is another step towards become more eco friendly.

In addition to being versatile, solar lighting has the Green advantage. Sunlight, our renewable and sustainable energy source, provides this free energy without pollution. As we continue to enjoy this benefit from sunlight, we are able to light our great outdoors without contributing to Global Warming.

Lets get a clearer picture of how these gems of light work, in a nutshell. A small solar panel is affixed to the top of the light fixture, a much smaller version of the collectors we have all seen on rooftops. During the daylight hours the suns energy collects there and transfers to a rechargeable battery attached inside the fixture. The battery charges during daylight and after dark the energy releases to the LED (Light Emitting Diode) which gives off light until sunrise when the cycle begins all over again.

Today solar lights are used primarily to brighten the outside in our gardens, the backyard, around the pool, and the path to the front door or garage. With this in mind, solar lighting fixtures are available in a vast assortment ranging from functional to decorative. Solar lights can be found to attach up high on a building or to hang from a post or tree shining down to light a wider area. There are many lantern designs to choose from for use closer to the ground making our walkway safer to navigate. Would lights on your pool, pond or moat be pleasing? You’ll find a floating variety offered as well.

Discard any thoughts of a complicated installation. Digging a trench or pulling wires from your home has no part in this. Your experience of placing solar lights will be as easy as pressing beautiful candles into a holder or hanging a picture on an already made hook. Each solar light stands as an independent unit connecting only to its energy source, the Sun.

The LEDs that are in these solar lights last much longer than regular light bulbs. They don’t take much power either. They Usually will actually last for decades and you shouldn’t have to replace them. Of course they are a little bit dimmer than other bulbs, which is why many manufacturers put in reflective surfaces, which makes them appear to be brighter.

Solar lights are going to vary in costs. Some home improvement stores offer great prices, while a boutique with garden enhancing lights may charge a little more for the lights. No matter what you pay for them, you won’t have to keep paying for electricity to use the lights, since sun light doesn’t cost a thing. If you replace other lighting fixtures that use electricity with these solar lights, you will probably notice that you save some money on your electric bill.

The advantages of solar lights are many. Even short, gray, winter days hold enough sunlight to fully charge the battery for night use. As long as the sun continues to rise and set the lights will turn on and off automatically. The LED produces no heat ensuring safety around children and pets. During a power outage you may sit outside and read a book or play cards with your neighbours. Solar lights are clearly a benefit to our planet and its the neighbourly thing to do!

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