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Solar Panels For Your HomeAre you planning to install solar panels for your home? Solar panels are the single most cost effective and efficient way to produce alternative energy which does not impact on the environment in a negative way. The biggest source of the energy they harness comes from sunlight. Solar panels consist of a group of solar cells which work together to produce power. The more light the cells absorb, the more electricity is produced.

With the increase in the size and profitability of the solar energy industry, the cost of having solar panels for your home installed are rapidly decreasing.

One of the greatest advantages of solar panels is that they can produce electricity in huge quantities, for a low cost without creating any kind of environmental pollution. Solar energy is an extremely clean form of energy and is renewable as long as the sun shines above us. Best of all solar energy is free energy once you have your panels installed, you can even sell excess energy back to the power company!

To produce electricity, solar power systems consist of a collection of solar panels arranged in an array. Most American companies which are environmentally conscious have installed their own solar power stations in order to create a win-win situation. They cut their power bills whilst helping out Mother Nature by offsetting their carbon footprint, it is also a very good public relations exercise.

Solar panels for your home should be installed on the roof in an area that is devoid of shade. Shaded areas block sunlight and reduce the effectiveness of the solar panels.

Retail solar panels for your home will cost you a few thousand dollars to be fully installed, don’t let this put you of though, you will eventually recoup the cost as you will be slashing your current power bill by 80% or more.

You can build your own solar panels for your home by using a collection of scrap solar cells which are sold by manufactures at very affordable prices. You can also get a diy solar power kit for about $40 or $50 which will show you how you can easily build your own solar panels for under $200 with materials readily available at your local hardware shop, Read More….

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