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Apple To Build New Solar Energy Farm

Apple have released a statement outlining its intention to further increase its commitment to using alternative energy with plans revealed to build what would amount to the largest non-government owned solar harvesting farm in the US. The plan is for the site to produce 20MW and will be located at a new soon to be […]

Ohio Announces New 200-MegaWatt Wind Farm

Ohio has announced that it is increasing its level of green friendly clean energy when the Ohio Power Board gave the go ahead to build the new farm (Black Fork). The Black Fork Wind Power Farm is expected to supply around 10,000 households with green power via 91 new wind turbines from a 15 thousand […]

Germany Leading The Way With Over 2 Giga Watts Solar Installed

Germany leads The Way: Germany has lead the way in December 2011 with over 2 Gig watts of photovoltaic solar panels installed, this outshone United States which it is reported installed approx 1.7gigawatts of panels for the entire year of 2011! Germany looks set for a total over 7 Giga watts for 2011. The main […]

Billion Dollar Poly-silicon Manufacturing Plant To Be Built In Qatar

Qatar Solar energy company Qatar Solar Technologies has announced it will be developing a Poly-silicon manufacturing plant at a cost of $1 billion dollars. The plant will be built in the industrial city, Ras Laffan. The Ras Laffan plant is expected to be fully operational by the latter part of 2013 and is expected to […]

Diy Wind Power – Use DIY Wind Power to Power Your Home

DIY Wind Power represents yet another alternative energy source that people can use to fight the ever escalating cost of traditional “grid” energy. Building a DIY wind power system is not as hard as you may think, in fact its really quite simple, so simple everybody should have a go at building their own. That’s […]

True Value Solar – Adelaide, South Australia

True Value Solar at Thebarton in South Australia, is a division of the National Solar Group, Australia’s biggest independent installer of solar panel installations and systems for both commersial and residential sites. True Value Solar helps save you cash by cutting out the middle man, when you deal with True Value Solar you are ordering […]

DIY Solar Panels – Solar Do It Yourself Solutions to Power Your Home

Fancy yourself as a do it yourself (DIY) handyman or woman? Want to substitute your traditional energy source for cleaner, cheaper alternative energy? Well there are now do it yourself solar solutions to power your home that you can build yourself and for minimal financial out lay. I’m sure you would agree that the current […]

Go Off Grid and Build Your Own Solar Panels

With the alarming state of global warming and the dire current economic environment we find ourselves in today, it should come as no surprise that many people are looking toward solar energy to go “off grid”, save money and help the environment. Solar energy is currently the most viable alternative energy solution we have discovered. […]

Build Your Own Solar Panels And Save

Building your own solar panels makes a lot of sense in this day and age of increasing power prices and environmental crisis. Whilst many people opt for a commercial system, the cost makes it prohibitive for a lot of homeowners in particular, with prices starting in the low thousands of dollars. Fortunately for those people […]

Do DIY Solar Panels Work?

Many of you will have heard how you can now Build your own solar panel.Do it yourself solar power. Many of you will also be extremely sceptical as to the viability and effectiveness of firstly building and secondly deploying your own solar panel. Well let me put your mind at ease. DIY Solar panels are […]

Tips For Greener Living – Conserve Power and Reduce Your Energy Bills

On this site we talk a lot about DIY Solar Panels and DIY Solar Power in general, but there are many other ways in which we can conserve energy and save money without sacrificing quality of life. Simple tips such as turning of appliances (at the wall outlet) and lights when they are not being […]

Do It Yourself Solar Panels – Cost Effective Green Energy Solution

Most people agree that global warming is a very real and serious issue which we must redress as we move forward to finding environmentally friendly, clean, renewable energy sources A number of alternative energies have recently received attention, wind, solar, hydro even magnetic. Of these the most promising of all alternative energies so far is […]

Solar Choice Australia

Solar Choice Australia is one of South Australia’s leading solar panel specialists, providing rebates of up to $2500 and avaliable intrest free terms. Solar Choice Australia Provides a 1 hour emergency service for hot water services, drainers, solar and plumbing, Solar Choice Australia is certainly worth taking the time to check out. Solar Choice Australia […]

Is DIY Wind Power A Viable Source of Electricity?

DIY Wind power as a viable source of energy to supply household electrical needs is now a reality. Not only is it an viable alternative energy source, but once implemented the home owner stands to save substantial amounts of money by slashing their power bills for years to come. Harnessing energy form the wind involves […]

Do it yourself PV Solar Panels

If you have found this article, there is a good chance you are looking into the viability of building your own PV solar panels. PV Solar Panels are Photovoltaic Solar Panels that convert solar radiation into direct current electricity via a process that makes use of semiconductors that display the photovoltaic effect, which is essentially […]

How to Make Solar Panels at Home

Solar Energy is becoming the popular choice for consumers as they look toward alternative energy to reduce their electricity bill and help the environment. If you fall into this category you may be interested to know there is now an easy way to build your own solar panels. So if you would like to discover […]

Solar SA – South Australia

Solar SA can help you with all your energy needs. Their Mission is to make solar power easy to understand and accessible to all households and business’s, whilst helping to save the environment. Solar SA believes that solar energy is the way of the future and that installing one of Solar Sa’s custom built grid […]

DIY Solar Panel Kits – The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Given the current negative economic and environmental climate, DIY Solar panel kits are the perfect gift for the do it yourself enthusiast or hobbyist this Christmas season. Diy solar panel kits come in the form of instructional guides and videos that walk you through the process of how tobuild your own solar panels. The guides […]

Solar Shop Australia – Adelaide, South Australia

Solar Shop Australia will show you how you can you can use clean, free and safe electricity harvested from the sun. They are renewable energy solution providers that design, install and connect photovoltaic solar panels grid connect systems. With an Australia wide coverage, Solar Shop Australia is Australia’s biggest supplier of grid connect solar energy […]

Solaris Technology – Adelaide, South Australia

Solaris Technology is a BP Solar Authorized Distributor and Certified Installer, with over 25 years of experience in solar energy. They are the company in South Australia and Western Australia to see for the design, supply and installation of solar systems. Solaris Technology provide solar energy answers for homes, government projects and industry In 2008 […]

Adelaide Hills Solar – Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Hills Solar provide Solar and Wind Energy Systems that promise to make you part of the solution to the Greenhouse problems. They do this by providing you with a grid interactive solar system. As this system uses clean, renewable solar energy, there are no greenhouse emissions given off, which will help you reduce your […]

DIY Solar Panels – Harvest Your Own Cheap Energy With DIY Solar Panels

DIY Solar Panels Ever thought of building your own DIY Solar Panels? if you have I am sure it is mainly as a result of the financial savings you stand to make on not having to purchase a commercial system, in conjunction with the reduction on the carbon footprint you are leaving on the earth. […]

Home Made Solar Panels – The Way Of The Future

With the rising cost of energy, many households are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. One way to achieve substantial reductions is to make your own home made solar energy system comprised of homemade solar panels. Home made solar panels are now a reality, they can be easily built by just about anyone […]

Solar Panels For Your Home

Are you planning to install solar panels for your home? Solar panels are the single most cost effective and efficient way to produce alternative energy which does not impact on the environment in a negative way. The biggest source of the energy they harness comes from sunlight. Solar panels consist of a group of solar […]

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels are panels that produce electricity by converting solar energy (radiation). The solar radiation given off by the sun is collected by solar cells made of photovoltaic materials and is converted by semiconductors to form electricity. The way the electricity is formed is essentially by collisions between electrons and photons of light which […]

Solar Power Rebates In QLD – Solar Rebates for Queensland, Australia

Currently in Queensland (QLD) Australia, the Queensland Government are offering a substantial rebate to try to entice homeowners and business’s to choose solar for their energy requirements. The way the scheme, known as the solar bonus scheme, works is on a feed in tariff model where users are paid 44 cents per kilowatt hour (KWh) […]

India Looks To Boost Its Solar Energy Output

Farooq Abdullah, India’s Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Resources announced that India will be significantly boosting its solar power output by 2013. The increases announced total 1,000 megawatts, 50% of which will be obtained from photovoltaic sources and the other 50% will be derived from projects involving solar thermal. Longer term India is […]

Johnson & Johnson Install Largest Roof Top Solar System In Australia

Sydney Australia: Johnson & Johnson medical research building is now sporting the largest 200 kilowatt rooftop solar system in the country thanks to Sanyo and Apollo Energy. Making use of the Sanyo’s amazing new HIT Technology Solar Panels the system is comprised of 952 HIT solar panels and stands to save around 10% of Johnson […]

DIY Solar Panel Kits – What You Need To Know

Currently there is a lot of interest in building your own solar panel kits and no wonder, the savings you stand to make are substantial. Many homeowners who build their own solarpanels report savings as much 80% cut from their annual energy bills. Putting together solar panel kits is not as hard a task as […]

Boom In Solar Power Related Jobs Predicted

The first indication that Barrack Obama’s green job creation schemes are starting to take aeffect, the SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) has forecasted an increase in solar power related jobs by as much as 200,000 over the next two years. This increase is due largely to the extension of the Solar Manufacturing Tax credit as […]

Build Your Own Cheap Solar Panels

Solar energy is without a doubt today’s number alternative energy choice. It’s no wonder then that one of the most searched for terms on the internet is cheap solar panels. With the environmental disaster we are seeing unfold off the gulf of Mexico (The BP oil spill) more and more as a society we are […]

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Nears Completion

The 100th and final turbine that will make up the world’s largest wind farm, european energy company Vattenfalls Thanet Wind Farm was put in place today a dozen kilometers off coast line near Kent in the UK. The project, the largest of its type in the world, is expected to supply power to more than […]

Sanyo’s HIT Technology Solar Panels Efficiency Increased

In a recent press release, Sanyo revealed that its newest incarnation of the HIT solar panel the HIT-N230 has an increased efficiency level of 20.7%. This is a significant increase, to panels that were already extremely efficient. The increase in efficiency has been achieved by using thinner tabbing between cells and increasing the number of […]

How To Make Your Own Small Solar Panels

Perhaps you want some small solar panels to power your RV (recreational vehicle)? Maybe it’s to take camping with you to power lights, cooking and heating or maybe you would just like some small solar panels to power devices like a laptop. Whatever the reason, you can now build your own small solar panels for […]

Go Green And Produce Your Own Homemade Solar Power

Just think about it, how cool would it be to run your home on your own homemade solar power. Think what it would feel like to slash up to 80% off your current power bill, think what you could do with that sort of extra cash! And the best bit? Well while you are saving […]

How To Build A Solar Panel – Video

Below is a very cool video from the awesome Discovery Channel Series How its Made, it shows in detail just how a retail solar panel is manufactured. You can now make your own solar panels at home, you don’t need to have all the equipment illustrated in the above video to produce working, effective solar […]

Solar Do It Yourself Solutions For The Home

Just imagine it, producing your own free solar electricity to power your home, now imagine what you could better put your money toward as you stand to save anywhere up to 80% off the total of your energy bills. Sounds like a pipe dream? Well it isn’t, there are now a number of solar do […]

Solar Power Kits – Why Everyone Should Build Their Own Solar Power Kit

Solar Power Kits are now being used all across the United States, Australia, Europe and other parts of the globe globe to help power our homes, rv vans and even offices. One of the main reasons for this surge in popularity, other than the obvious environmental benefits of using a cleaner energy source, is the […]

Homemade solar cell – Can You Build Your Own Homemade Solar Cells?

Forget using traditional energy sources to power your home, not only are they damaging to the environment, but they also cost a household a lot of money! What you need to do is to build your own homemade solar cell. Why build your own homemade solar cells instead of purchasing a retail solar system? Well […]

Can You Really Produce Your Own DIY Solar Electricity?

There is a lot of focus these days on finding alternative energy sources to replace our current expensive and environmentally damaging ones. It’s no real surprise then that a lot of people are talking about solar electricity, what is surprising is that a lot of this talk is about DIY solar electricity solutions. The reason […]

How To Build Your Own Solar Panels – Save 80% Off Your Energy Bills!

With the spiraling costs of electricity and the economic pressures most families find themselves under it’s no surprise that many of us are starting to take more interest in viable alternative energy sources. Solar power has for a long time been seen as the most viable of the current crop of alternative energy solutions. To […]

How To Build A DIY Solar Power System – The Ultimate DIY Project

Our society today cannot continue to deplete the world’s current resources at the rate we are going, looking at alternative energy sources to reduce household energy consumption reliant on mains electricity. Both wind and solar energy offer a cost effective and greener option that is environmentally friendly. During the past few years using renewable resources […]

Residential Solar Power – Why It Should Be The Energy Option For All Households

Residential solar power should be an affordable option for all households looking at reducing their environmental impact. It also assists with reducing your electricity bills. Unfortunately for a long time solar power panels have been very expensive. In the last few years, residential solar power has become more affordable as a DIY solar power option. […]

Stick it to the Man! Homemade Solar Power Systems

Have you ever wondered you can make your home more energy efficient? You can now make your home environmentally friendly without it costing the earth. Making a homemade solar power system is a cheaper alternative to the professionally build systems that are extremely expensive to buy pre-made and installed. Current developments in technology have now […]

Build your own Cheap Solar Panels and Save Some Serious Cash

Professional solar panels, too expensive? Absolutely!  There is now another option that won’t break the bank. You can build your own cheap solar panels for a fraction of the cost of the retail price without losing quality as they look exactly the same. Building your own cheap solar panels you’ll find all the necessary materials […]

Home Made Energy – Can You Really Make Your Own Home Made Energy?

Creating and using home made energy isn’t as complicated as what you might think. Like many people who are concerned about the environment, want to help create a greener and cleaner future for everyone, but may not be sure what they can do to change their homes energy to a natural energy source. With the […]

Live off the Grid, Build Your Own Solar Panels

More and more people are looking into environmentally friendly resources to use within the family home. To live off the grid and not have to rely on mains power have seemed like a dream to many, but now it’s possible. Build your own solar panels for a fraction of the price of professional solar systems […]

DIY Home Solar Power Systems, The Way of the Future

Many city and country households are looking for effective ways to save money, mainly in the areas of conserving energy. For this reason, people are looking for an alternative energy solution primarily in home solar power systems. DIY solar power systems have become a realistic and affordable energy source. Professionally built solar systems will cost […]

What are the benefits of a DIY solar electricity system?

One of the major benefits of converting to solar system for your home is to reduce the use of the world’s fossil fuels. They will not be around forever and changing to a renewable source of energy that is friendly to our environment, will help preserve what we have for years to come. Other benefits […]

Can You Make Your own Home Solar Power?

Making your own home solar power is easier than you might think. Most tools and materials are purchasable from any hardware store for under $200. That in itself is a massive saving compared to the expensive professional solar systems available on the market. Home solar power is an environmentally friendly energy source using direct sunlight […]

Why Are Solar Kits Becoming So Popular?

With the world’s environment deteriorating at an alarming rate, people are becoming educated on ways how to help save our environment and slow the progression of global warming. Going green, using natural renewable resources, is the way into the future if we are to save our environmental impact and that’s why many people are looking […]

Solar Power Kits – The Cheaper, Cleaner Alternative Energy Solution

Thinking about reducing your homes carbon footprint? Why not look into a DIY Solar Power kit? Most people have steered away from adding solar power energy to their households as they’ve been known to be extremely expensive and out of most peoples budgets. Well not anymore. With the continual technology developments you can make your […]

DIY Solar Power – Do Your Bit to Save the World and Save Some Money.

With the ever increasing cost of electricity bills, wouldn’t it be great to receive a credit on your next account or even have them buy back your excess electricity!. Now you can, by purchasing a DIY Solar Power kit. With climate change, recycling and reducing your homes carbon footprint as circulating hot topics across the […]

DIY Solar Power Solutions For The Home That Work

DIY Solar Power (Do it yourself solar power) is becoming a reality as many householders across the globe are spending weekends in their backyard building their own alternative energy sources. This should come as no surprise as just about all of us are now conscious of the problems associated with traditional energy sources. As we […]

Homemade Windmill – The Perfect Accompaniment to Solar Power

Whilst this blogs focus is mainly on do it yourself solutions for solar power, building a homemade windmill is the perfect partner to help slash your power bills even further and become even more independent from the power grid. A Homemade Windmill is another great DIY project, from which you stand to save a nice amount […]

Home Solar Power Systems – Save Money While Saving The Planet

Home Solar Power Systems are fast gaining popularity across the nation, indeed across the globe. It stands to reason in these days of economic and environmental crisis that we, the human race, start looking toward viable alternative energies, and move away from our expensive, environmentally destructive traditional energy sources. Solar Power has of course been […]

RV Solar Power – DIY Solar Panels Are The Perfect Solution

There is nothing quite like packing up the RV and getting away from it all. Many RV owners are becoming increasingly interested in travelling to remote areas and employing solar power as their energy source for cooking, hot water, lighting, television, radio and many other appliances. RV Solar power has become even simpler and more […]

Alternative Electricity Generation Is Perfectly Feasible

Alternative electricity generation is the wave of the future and will be very important for providing electricity years to come. Specifically the focus has moved from burning fossil fuels to using renewable energy sources. Burning gas, coal, and petroleum currently produces the vast majority of all electricity generation. Some renewable energy sources include hydropower, solar energy, biomass and wind power. There is a lot of research being applied to renewable energy sources.

Living Off The Grid – Go Green With Home Made Energy

“Just imagine it, living off the grid, free from government taxes, regulations and even rationing. Free to use as much energy as you want without having your environmental conscience pricked, safe in the knowledge that any energy you are using is cost free and environmentally friendly, sound like a pipe dream? well its now a […]

Magnets 4 Energy – Magnetic Generator Free Energy

Zero point energy was used a hundred years ago to power cars. Now, it has re-emerged as a central part of the search for free energy. This includes three revolutionary technologies: wireless transmission of electricity, free electrostatic energy, and passive electrical propulsion.