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Tips For Greener Living – Conserve Power and Reduce Your Energy Bills

On this site we talk a lot about DIY Solar Panels and DIY Solar Power in general, but there are many other ways in which we can conserve energy and save money without sacrificing quality of life. Simple tips such as turning of appliances (at the wall outlet) and lights when they are not being […]

Living Off The Grid – Go Green With Home Made Energy

“Just imagine it, living off the grid, free from government taxes, regulations and even rationing. Free to use as much energy as you want without having your environmental conscience pricked, safe in the knowledge that any energy you are using is cost free and environmentally friendly, sound like a pipe dream? well its now a […]

UAV’s To be Powered by Solar Cells Made from Moth-Eye Film

The Air forces UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) are set to be powered by special solar cells. These are not your regular solar cells however, these cells are dye sensitized and have been made from a combination of moth-eye film and organic dyes. The resulting cells are far more powerful than conventional solar cells. The cells […]

Solar Lights: Have You Cashed In On It Lately?

When it comes to lights in our future, solar lights are the way to go. Humans have been using the light from the sun for ages, but it has only been in the past few years that we can harness and use the power from the sun. Using solar lights is another step towards become more eco friendly.

Solar Lights: The Newest Tech That Saves You Money

Solar lights are the wave of our illuminating future. While we have used the energy of sunlight for eons, we are only recently able to efficiently harness and manage this power. Solar lights are a step in lighting our journey toward a more Earth-friendly tomorrow.

Hydro Power – How We Harness The Power Of Water

Using the water’s power is an age-old phenomenon. Over the years it has been employed for irrigation and working a variety of machines, including water-wheels. But today, it is used more importantly as a alternative energy source.

Do it Yourself Solar Panels for the Home

Are you searching for information on do-it-yourself solar panels for your home? This option will help you do your part for the environment, by reducing your emissions, and it will also help you to save money during the economic recession. This will enable to drastically reduce your energy costs while contributing to the safety of the environment.

Toyota Prius Gets Solar Upgrade

The Prius, Toyota’s flagship hybrid vehicle, is set to get a solar system upgrade for its latest version (version 3) scheduled for release in 2010. The Prius which is a hybrid vehicle which runs on Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive, will come equipped with a roof covered entirely in solar panels. Disappointingly the panels will only […]

Facts About Energy Comsumption – Why Move to Alternative Energy?

In the United States alone there are some 600 + power plants in operation. The vast majority of these power plants are coal based conventional power plants. Of recent times we have seen a shift to new energy sources, wind power in the US now accounts for 18,302 MW (mega watts) of energy usage which […]

Global Warming

Global warming is one of the “hottest” issues nowadays. The current climate change is the worst yet to happen. Global warming is an overall increase in world temperature which is attributed to the increasing number of greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere. Searching an alternative energy source is considered a way of reducing the toxic emissions.


Living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is important to your health and the health of our planet. We have polluted the soil, water, and the air that we breath with toxic gases,pesticides, and fertilizers . It makes no difference where you live. As long as you eat, drink water and eat, you are affected by pollution.

Alternative Energy – Electric Powered Cars

As stated before here at we will be taking a look from time to time into other alternative energy sources as well as our main focus which is solar energy. Today we take a look at the idea of changing to electric powered cars and other vehicles (also known as PHEV’s) to help off […]

DIY Alternative Energy Projects – The Road to A Greener, Cheaper Future

DIY alternative energy projects are fast gaining acceptance as a viable way to generate energy for our homes without the expense and environmental harm that traditional energy sources bring. DIY alternative energy projects have always been a source of pleasure for the handy person and often the whole family, combine that with savings made from […]

Do HHO Hydrogen Kits Work?

There has been a lot of interest in hho kits, which can increase your car’s engine efficiency and get you better gas mileage. It is hard to get through all of the hype. How do you locate a hydrogen generator that will perform as advertised with all of the options out there?

How To Pick a Good HHO Car Kit

A lot of people are using hho hydrogen generators to boost their fuel economy and save money on gas bills for their vehicle. The most common way to get in on the action is to buy ann hho car kit online and install it or have it installed locally.

Alternative Energy – Ocean Power

In todays climate, finding an alternative to the fossil fuels we depend upon has become an issue of the uppermost importance, from both an environmental point of view and an economic one. A lesser known alternative energy currently undergoing massive research and development is the generation of energy obtained from the power of the ocean […]

Alternative Energy – Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy is perhaps a lesser known form of energy when we look toward alternative power sources. What is Geothermal Energy? – its energy stored with in the earth which is created by heat. The word “geothermal” literally translates to “earth heat”. Whilst it was first harvested in the 1904 in Italy, this power source […]

Alternative Energy

Whilst the primary focus of this blog is solar energy, it is certainly not the only alternative energy option out there. So over the next series of articles we will be taking a look into a number of alternative energies and the pros and cons associated with each type. Just a few of the energy […]

Turn our Roads into Renewable Energy?

Researchers have proposed that asphalt roads could be used to collect solar energy. Anyone who has walked across a road barefoot on a hot day will now just how much heat the asphalt contains due to the sun blaring down on it. Novotech Inc, a company based in Acton, are undertaking research which may see […]

Solar Powered Charger – What are they and Why are they Useful?

We are all incredibly reliant on the power that comes through our sockets and light switches. But what would we do if there was a problem with that power, even temporarily?

Why we need Hybrid Technologies

As we move further into these uncertain times of rising fuel costs, financial crisis, global warming and geo-political unrest, big business has become wise to the fact that being seen to be environmentally pro-active can lead to increased consumer trust, which in turn leads to increased profitability. With the new super powers in the global […]

Top 10 Environmental and Money Saving Tip

I thought a good idea would be to kick of this blog with a Top 10 list!, so without further adue I present to you 10 Environmental and Money Saving Tips : Switch your hot water system to solar, and insulate your hot water tank with an insulating jacket to trap the heat in, the […]