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Go Off Grid and Build Your Own Solar Panels

With the alarming state of global warming and the dire current economic environment we find ourselves in today, it should come as no surprise that many people are looking toward solar energy to go “off grid”, save money and help the environment. Solar energy is currently the most viable alternative energy solution we have discovered. […]

Do DIY Solar Panels Work?

Many of you will have heard how you can now Build your own solar panel.Do it yourself solar power. Many of you will also be extremely sceptical as to the viability and effectiveness of firstly building and secondly deploying your own solar panel. Well let me put your mind at ease. DIY Solar panels are […]

Do It Yourself Solar Panels – Cost Effective Green Energy Solution

Most people agree that global warming is a very real and serious issue which we must redress as we move forward to finding environmentally friendly, clean, renewable energy sources A number of alternative energies have recently received attention, wind, solar, hydro even magnetic. Of these the most promising of all alternative energies so far is […]