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Ohio Announces New 200-MegaWatt Wind Farm

Ohio has announced that it is increasing its level of green friendly clean energy when the Ohio Power Board gave the go ahead to build the new farm (Black Fork). The Black Fork Wind Power Farm is expected to supply around 10,000 households with green power via 91 new wind turbines from a 15 thousand […]

Is DIY Wind Power A Viable Source of Electricity?

DIY Wind power as a viable source of energy to supply household electrical needs is now a reality. Not only is it an viable alternative energy source, but once implemented the home owner stands to save substantial amounts of money by slashing their power bills for years to come. Harnessing energy form the wind involves […]

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Nears Completion

The 100th and final turbine that will make up the world’s largest wind farm, european energy company Vattenfalls Thanet Wind Farm was put in place today a dozen kilometers off coast line near Kent in the UK. The project, the largest of its type in the world, is expected to supply power to more than […]

Homemade Windmill – The Perfect Accompaniment to Solar Power

Whilst this blogs focus is mainly on do it yourself solutions for solar power, building a homemade windmill is the perfect partner to help slash your power bills even further and become even more independent from the power grid. A Homemade Windmill is another great DIY project, from which you stand to save a nice amount […]

How Much Electricity You Can Get From Wind Power

There’s probably no need to tell you of the importance of using renewable energy sources. If people knew a little more about clean, renewable energy sources we’d demand it from our energy suppliers and we could all breathe a little easier. When we don’t pay attention to how our energy is produced, we continue to meet our needs for energy through unhealthy means which harm our environment and our bodies.

Wind and Solar Power: A Quick Guide

In the current times, there are two pertinent factors which need equal and enough attention from us. These two factors are our economy and the earth as the planet we live in. Truly, we are facing challenging issues regarding these two. There has been an increasing need regarding the environment with its continuous deterioration because of pollution, just the same as there have been growing concerns about the financial crisis that we have been experiencing causing the inflation and rise in the prices of commodities.

DIY Wind Power – Wind Power Kits

Households are looking toward DIY wind power kits to help save money and contribute to helping the environment. Whilst the solar power solution provides the most popular form of alternative energy, wind power is becoming increasingly popular. The combination of solar and wind power promises to provide not only free, environmentally safe forms of energy […]

Alternative Energy – Residential Wind Power

The first alternative energy resource we will take a look at is residential wind power. By catching the energy generated by the action of wind blowing over and as a result turning turbines an electrical generator in turn converts this action into energy in the form of current which can be stored in batteries or […]