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Announcing River Climate action from Rushing Rivers Institute

The scientific community has concluded that climate change is a real phenomenon. Even the predictions that are most moderate indicate the Earth warming several degrees Celsius by the year 2100, which is an alarming increase. Of the issues affected by this problem, Rivers are among the most hurt.

In these important bodies of water are fish, the canary in the coal mine of climate change. As a result of global warming, river waters have steadily increased thirty-five to forty degrees over the last several decades. This forces fish normally located in southern waters to migrate north, which causes competition for food.

Similarly, parasites accustomed to warmer areas are having to move northbound as well, infecting fish and other species who are not accustomed to their presence. This spreads quickly to other animals that depend on the fish, such as bears, eagles, and even humans.

Consequently, River Climate Action has been announced by Rushing Rivers Institute. Drawing on their scientific expertise, community relations and belief in educational resources, River Climate Action will call upon a global river authority to take a stand against Global Warming

Several initiatives will be put into place to see this goal. Firstly, a research plan to establish the best recommendations to combat Climate Change. Secondly, an action plan to implement those recommendations. Thirdly, a management network to reach out and coordinate the efforts of other groups.

Apathy is the worst course of action. The time is now to take a stand against a problem that will cause catastrophic problems in the very near future for our children and grandchildren. Educating yourself on the issue is the first step to assisting and remedying the solution.

Rushing Rivers strongly urges you to take the time to review the situation. You can visit our website at to read further on the problem. With your help, rectifying the issue will no longer be delayed.

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