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DIY Homemade Solar Panels – Do They Really Work?

A lot of you reading this will be interested in building your own Homemade solar panels. You will have read lot of information on them, but I am sure there is one question you would like answered above all, how effective are they or do they really work?

I first put together my first Homemade solar panels quite some time ago now and I have had a good result so far. Whilst many claim you can get energy savings of up to 80% off your usual power bill most of you will find that you don’t reap this much initially, especially with your first Homemade solar panels. The best way to start down the road of energy self sufficiency is to start small, aim to power a few devices at first, you will still be slashing cash off your monthly bill and possibly selling excess energy back to the grid.

Once you have made your first one, it is simply a matter of rinse and repeat, so you can become more and more dependent on solar energy. Perhaps initially look at running a few appliances such as your laptop, radio, television or even lighting, in time you will be able to add more and more as you build up your familiarity and expertise with the process.

You will still need to run some appliances, such as mains run ovens and air-conditioning using the power grid, as they draw massive amounts of energy, much more than even conventional solar power systems can provide (although there are some products like cookers that are now being produced that are designed to run on solar energy). As you increase the number of your Homemade solar panels you will find you can get close to the 80% figure many enthusiasts have obtained.

So the short answer is yes! Homemade solar panels really do work!

You can read more about them and how to go about assembling your own at the following link – Homemade Solar Panels

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