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DIY Solar Hot Water Heaters – Do it Yourself Homemade Solar Power Solutions

Perhaps undertaking a total diy solar power homemade energy solution is not quite your thing or perhaps you would like to start with a smaller project first? Well while diy solar power kits are extremely easy to assemble and build, even easier is building your own solar hot water heaters.

Heating your hot water unit with mains electricity is an expensive process, on the other hand if you get the energy you need to heat the unit’s hot water from the sun it would cost you nothing.

It’s estimated around 33% of a households energy expenditure goes toward heating your hot water system! Wouldn’t be nice to save that money and be free to spend it elsewhere?

DIY (do it yourself) solar hot water systems can be built for as little as $100! This is an expense you will recover in no time, compare that to a thousand dollars or more for a prefabricated system.

Having been a solar energy consultant for some of the biggest firms on the planet, I can confirm these solar systems work effectively and efficiently, when you add this to the fact that solar energy is a clean renewable form of energy that will help lessen the damaging impact we are having on the environment then Im sure you will agree it’s a no brainer.

For just $37  you can instantly get access to and download a 70 page instruction manual in pdf format that will guide you step by step through the process of building your own solar hot water heaters.

So if the whole idea of building a house wide system scares you or you would like to get your toe in the water with diy solar power projects, then the solar hot water heaters project is just thing for you. To learn more [Click Here]

If your ready to take the next step or are looking for a total diy solution, check out the following review for some great information you must read. DIY Solar Energy kits reviewed.

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