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Diy Wind Power – Use DIY Wind Power to Power Your Home

DIY Wind Power represents yet another alternative energy source that people can use to fight the ever escalating cost of traditional “grid” energy.

Building a DIY wind power system is not as hard as you may think, in fact its really quite simple, so simple everybody should have a go at building their own. That’s right the average do-it-yourself (DIY) handyman (or woman) can easily build their own wind turbine, you don’t need to have a phd in electrical engineering to tackle a project like this.

First a little background on how diy wind power creates usable energy:

What many may be unaware of is wind energy is actually a type of solar energy! You see wind is generated by a combination of factors, including the suns variable heat, the rotation of the earth and the fact that the earth’s surface isn’t smooth.

A diy wind power turbine when placed in the path of wind, will see the wind blow over the turbines and due to their shape the turbines will spin. This spinning of blades, in turn spins a shaft which is ultimately connected to a generator and electricity is generated!

Take a look at the following video which explains it more depth

 So how do you build your own DIY Wind Power System?

Well the process is really quite straightforward, you can build a diy wind power turbine for less than a a hundred and fifty dollars with materials readily available at your local hardware store or junkyard.

You will need to get your self a good instruction manual that clearly outlines the materials you need and how to assemble them together into your diy wind power system. There are many guides currently available on line, the best of which can be found by clicking here.

It’s quite a buzz once you have your turbine erected and running, you will have set a fine example for those around you and the sense of achievement of harvesting your own energy, clean energy which isn’t harmful to the environment, is surprisingly cool.

Remember any energy you produce will be free of cost energy totally independent of the power grid.

The project of building a diy wind power turbine is also a great educational task to get your children involved in, not only will they pick up some handyman skills while spending some quality time with their parents, it will also help raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of energy conservation.

You may also be interested in learning how to build your own solar panels, well the good news is the guide that you receive about building your own diy wind power turbine more often than not will also come with instructions how you can build a solar panel for under a couple of hundred dollars, also with readily available materials. Click here to learn more

So what are you waiting for? Do your bit for the environment, save some money and have a bit of fun with diy wind power project.

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