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Every Gardener Wants a Greenhouse

So you think you want to buy a greenhouse? This very question is on a lot of peoples minds these days; mainly because growing your own food has become an appealing option to buying at the local store for health and safety reasons. However, you need to know a few things before you commit to a greenhouse to have a good experience.

Not all plants are equal so you will need to know how much space the plants you would like to grow need to thrive. Most people just consider what space they have for the greenhouse and not what space the plants need. Both of these space issues will need to be addressed before you make your purchase.

While greenhouse can be used in an array of locations, they do much better when located in direct sunlight during the entire day. If your location has shade all or most of the day, the greenhouse may not yield like you expect it to. So knowing how much sunlight you will be getting in the space you have is important to manage expectations.

The green house for you is also dependent on what you want to do with a greenhouse; grow year round or use as a season extender. If all you want is to start seeds or extend the fall season then pretty much any greenhouse will do as long as theres enough room for your plants. Insulation becomes a mute factor since you wont need to heat or cool the grow house.

Over wintering plants is a little bit different situation because you will need to make sure the temperature stays at least 30 F more than whats outside the green house. Insulation is now a factor, though you can still get away with some medium priced greenhouses that are pretty well insulated, especially if you live in a milder climate.

In colder climates you have to have a greenhouse that is well insulated or your results will be less than expected and your heating bills will be more than expected! Many people come away from greenhouse gardening disappointed because of the cost and results and this can almost always be traced back to purchasing a greenhouse that is not a good fit for your region. Just dont make that mistake.

When growing your own food it is important to have a well insulated greenhouse for several reasons. The first is for heating and cooling purposes. The better the insulation the less effort, otherwise known as cost, it takes to reach the desired temperatures. The other is yield. When the temperature can be maintained within a range it has been shown to bring a better yield and this is what growing your own food is all about!

We know that people are disappointed when their greenhouse does not meet their expectations and that is a real shame because greenhouse gardening, done right with the right greenhouse, can be a great and rewarding experience. To ensure that you have a great experience, make sure you buy or build a greenhouse that is insulated for your region and purpose and you get one that is big enough for what you want to accomplish. If you do these two things you will love what your greenhouse can do for you!

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