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Johnson & Johnson Install Largest Roof Top Solar System In Australia

Sydney Australia: Johnson & Johnson medical research building is now sporting the largest 200 kilowatt rooftop solar system in the country thanks to Sanyo and Apollo Energy.

Making use of the Sanyo’s amazing new HIT Technology Solar Panels the system is comprised of 952 HIT solar panels and stands to save around 10% of Johnson & Johnson’s electricity consumption, which is enough to run around forty to fifty homes.

Johnson & Johnson are looking to offset the environmental cost of producing the panels by planting 37 trees.

The system is another great step in the company’s sustainability program known as project leaf, which is also looking at implementing other green ideas, including but not limited to increasing water conservation and improved waste management.

Apollo energy has also setup a deal to allow Johnson & Johnson employees to affordably invest in their own solar systems to further help the environment and help slash their energy bills.

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