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Living Off The Grid – Go Green With Home Made Energy

“Just imagine it, living off the grid, free from government taxes, regulations and even rationing. Free to use as much energy as you want without having your environmental conscience pricked, safe in the knowledge that any energy you are using is cost free and environmentally friendly, sound like a pipe dream? well its now a reality, read on to learn more…”

For a long time, the thought of solar power for the average homeowner was just a dream. The high cost of having a solar power system installed in the home was far to expensive to seriously consider, no matter how desirable the economic and environmental benefits were.

That has all changed recently with the introduction of DIY Solar Power Kits. DIY (Do It Yourself) solar kits come in two forms, the relatively pricey self contained kits which are ready to assemble or a guide which shows you how to build your own solar panels with materials available at your local hardware store for a couple of hundred bucks.

These guides are readily available online, they usually are priced around the 40 or 50 dollar mark and the better ones come with instructional videos, email and phone support and even online forum support. Getting a better diy guide is essential to ensuring your home made energy project is a success.

The process of assembling and building your own solar panels is surprisingly easy, no phd in physics required here, just some basic handyman skills and the ability to follow the clearly defined instructions is all that is needed.

In fact the project is that straightforward and simple I highly recommend you get your children and spouse involved, whilst its a great educational tool for your kids to become environmentally aware, its also a great bonding process and lets face it, anything that gets out from behind a computer or put down the playstation controller has to be beneficial.

So stick to the man, get off the grid and start enjoying free, clean energy and check out the following reviews of DIY Solar Power Kits

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