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Make Biodiesel At Home

Have you heard of the benefits of biodiesel? Well maybe you have but do you know that you can make biodiesel from the comfort of your home? Just imagine making your own fuel for your vehicle. It would mean that you’ll save a lot of money!

Let me tell you a secret; making biodiesel is actual very simple. By making your own biodiesel, you will get to see even more rewards than you are already seeing now. So, what are you waiting for?


To make a small batch of biodiesel at home all you need are a few supplies. You need the actual ingredients to make the biodiesel – alcohol, lye and vegetable oil. You also need some supplies to mix the fuel – empty plastic bottles, duct tape, a blender and measuring cups. Be sure anything you use to make your biodiesel is only used for that purpose and never used again in the kitchen for cooking.

Once you have gathered your supplies you are ready to begin learning how to make biodiesel.

The Process is Safe

Making biodiesel is a relatively safe process. There is little risk for fire or explosion as you may expect with fuel. In fact, the only major area of concern, as far as safety, is burning yourself. Just be careful and realize the mixture does get hot.

You will go through the easy process of making biodiesel which involves mixing the ingredients, letting it set, separating the byproduct and biodiesel and then cleaning the biodiesel. The whole process can take a few days to a few weeks. That depends on how clean your vegetable oil was to start with.

Small or Big Scale

Biodiesel can not only be made at a small scale. It can be made on a large scale too. If you need a few gallons of biodiesel at a time, you can use a biodiesel kit. A biodiesel kit would be perfect if you are running on your lawnmower or other lawn equipment.

If you are looking to make more biodiesel, say to fuel your vehicle, then you will need a biodiesel processor. This makes the process super simple, so you can make more than a few gallons at a time. With a processor you will need some more supplies but you also will not have to spend a lot of time making biodiesel since the processor does most of the work for you.

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