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Ozone Gases At Ground Level Pose A Danger To Us

A study that may see people giving a greater amount of attention to the quality of the air breathed in has been released in ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’.

DIY Solar Power – Should You Build Your Own Solar Panels?

DIY Solar Power has now become a reality, all across the internet guides are springing up promoting DIY solar power solutions and the benefits you can reap from making your own solar panels, but the question needs to be raised, can you really build your own solar panels? To answer this question I thought it […]

Home Made Solar Panels – A Viable Alternative Energy Solution

The introduction to the alternative energy market of  home made solar panels has seen many home-owners and diy enthusiasts take up the challenge to build their own home made solar panels. Building you won solar panel may sound like a daunting task, but it is surprisingly easy. You can assemble one using nothing more than […]

UAV’s To be Powered by Solar Cells Made from Moth-Eye Film

The Air forces UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) are set to be powered by special solar cells. These are not your regular solar cells however, these cells are dye sensitized and have been made from a combination of moth-eye film and organic dyes. The resulting cells are far more powerful than conventional solar cells. The cells […]

How to Build a Solar Panel – Build Your Own Homemade Solar Panels

Are the high costs of electricity getting on your nerves? Do you want to help save the environment? If a resounding yes! is your answer to both of these questions then you should take a serious look into constructing your own homemade solar panel. Building your own solar panel may sound difficult but with the […]

DIY Homemade Solar Panels – Do They Really Work?

A lot of you reading this will be interested in building your own Homemade solar panels. You will have read lot of information on them, but I am sure there is one question you would like answered above all, how effective are they or do they really work? I first put together my first Homemade […]

Just How Easy is it to Assemble Your Own DIY Solar Power Kit?

In these days of global warming and financial stresses, folks everywhere are seeking ways to save and conserve energy for their own economic benefit as well as help fix the global warming issues we currently face. There are many ways for people to conserve energy and use more renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources. One of […]

How a DIY Solar Power Kit Can Save You Serious Money

A solar power system has a lot of benefits to offer. As a matter of fact, one of its major benefits relates directly to cutting down the cost of your monthly electric bill instantly. It is no wonder then, why more and more people are now deciding to implement their own DIY solar power systems. […]

Solar Power For Homes – How a DIY Solar Power Kit Can Save You Lots Of Money

Solar Power for homes is becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative energy. The reason for its popularity is that this form of energy helps us alleviate two of the most challenging issues we currently face, those of global warming and economic crisis. In terms of global warming, solar power for homes makes sense. Solar […]

DIY Solar Power – Advantages of Building Homemade Solar Panels

With a lot of people experimenting with DIY solar power projects now days, I figured it might be a good idea to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that can be reaped by building your own homemade solar panels. Some Advantages of building homemade solar panels include 1. Financial Savings : *You can […]

The Return to Alternative Energy

There’s a lot more news about alternative energies recently. Different people have different ideas about just what it is. They also have different ideas about how long alternative energy has been around. I wrote this article to give my perspective on

Solar Lights: Have You Cashed In On It Lately?

When it comes to lights in our future, solar lights are the way to go. Humans have been using the light from the sun for ages, but it has only been in the past few years that we can harness and use the power from the sun. Using solar lights is another step towards become more eco friendly.

Solar Lights: The Newest Tech That Saves You Money

Solar lights are the wave of our illuminating future. While we have used the energy of sunlight for eons, we are only recently able to efficiently harness and manage this power. Solar lights are a step in lighting our journey toward a more Earth-friendly tomorrow.

Hydro Power – How We Harness The Power Of Water

Using the water’s power is an age-old phenomenon. Over the years it has been employed for irrigation and working a variety of machines, including water-wheels. But today, it is used more importantly as a alternative energy source.

Why Choose Solar Power for Home Energy Needs?

There are many reasons choosing solar power for home energy needs makes good sense. Firstly there are of course the large number of environmental benefits that solar power provides. As I’m sure you are aware, solar energy is energy which is given off by the suns radiation and as such is a natural renewable source […]

DIY Solar Hot Water Heaters – Do it Yourself Homemade Solar Power Solutions

Perhaps undertaking a total diy solar power homemade energy solution is not quite your thing or perhaps you would like to start with a smaller project first? Well while diy solar power kits are extremely easy to assemble and build, even easier is building your own solar hot water heaters. Heating your hot water unit […]

How Much Electricity You Can Get From Wind Power

There’s probably no need to tell you of the importance of using renewable energy sources. If people knew a little more about clean, renewable energy sources we’d demand it from our energy suppliers and we could all breathe a little easier. When we don’t pay attention to how our energy is produced, we continue to meet our needs for energy through unhealthy means which harm our environment and our bodies.

Homemade Solar Energy – The Road to a Cheaper, Cleaner Future

With so much attention now being given to the search for viable alternative energies, it’s no surprise householders are starting to weigh in on this issue. Homeowners are under financial stress like most of us have never experienced before. It makes sense then that homeowner’s look toward cheaper fuel alternatives to power their homes. The […]

Energy Saving Tips and Utilizing Wind and Solar Power

Just like a number of others, I am convinced that you are taken aback too with the stunning expenses which we need to cover monthly given our energy consumption ” particularly our electricity bills. With the tough times, this leaves us though with no other choice than to search for means on how we can get energy saving. Youll be happy to know though that there are steps that are simple which we can observe to attain this particular goal. These are the things which I will be sharing with you in this article.

Global Warming or Hot Air?

Global warming, or more accurately man-made global warming is the single biggest moral and political issue of our age. The western governments have bought into the notion that carbon dioxide produced by mans industrial activities is causing a rise in the temperature of the planet, that this temperature rise must be stopped to avoid global catastrophe. But what substantiating evidence exists to back up this claim?

Homemade Energy – Just How Much Money Can Building a DIY Solar Power Kit Really Save You?

Whilst its all well and good to be environmentally conscious and active, when it comes down to it, one of the driving factors, if not the biggest driving factor behind households turning toward homemade energy, mainly in the form of solar energy, is to save some money. Traditional energy resources are an expensive commodity these […]

DIY Solar Power Kits – The Benefits of Homemade energy

Householders are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of homemade energy. Most notably householders are taking on DIY solar power projects to help meet their energy needs.. The Benefits of producing homemade energy via DIY Solar Power Kits are: Money Saving: Let’s face it this is the number one reason most homeowners turn towards alternative […]

Greenhouse Gas Tracking To Become Mandatory

Greenhouse Gas tracking will soon become mandatory in the United States, with the first reports due in early 2011 for the 2010 year. The federal law affects businesses and governments with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems or refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, as well as those who produce industrial chemicals, fossil fuels, cars and engines. It is the responsibility of companies to review and comply with the new EPA regulations or face substantial fines.

Homemade Solar Panels – A Great Project for Any DIY Enthusiast

As any DIY (Do it yourself) enthusiast will tell you, undertaking a DIY project of your own is a rewarding, challenging and fun pastime. Homemade solar panel projects are no exception, they do however, come with the added bonus of saving you a lot of money whilst helping the environment. DIY projects are challenging, that […]

Alternative Energy from the Ocean

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) was conceived of by the French engineer Jacques D’Arsonval in 1881. Too date, only one plant is employed anywhere in the world to pursue this goal and that is located at a laboratory in Hawaii. OTEC is a potential alternative energy source that needs to be funded and explored much more than it presently is but it is the expense that is the greatest problem. Energy from the ocean would be very clean burning and not add pollutants into the air but reducing costs is the main problem. Damages and other disturbing effects to our atmosphere brought about by the current technologies used is not something that OTEC plants can get rid of since they would need to be set up using those environmental issues, giving them the capacity to inflict same damage.

Wind and Solar Power: A Quick Guide

In the current times, there are two pertinent factors which need equal and enough attention from us. These two factors are our economy and the earth as the planet we live in. Truly, we are facing challenging issues regarding these two. There has been an increasing need regarding the environment with its continuous deterioration because of pollution, just the same as there have been growing concerns about the financial crisis that we have been experiencing causing the inflation and rise in the prices of commodities.

Do it Yourself Solar Panels for the Home

Are you searching for information on do-it-yourself solar panels for your home? This option will help you do your part for the environment, by reducing your emissions, and it will also help you to save money during the economic recession. This will enable to drastically reduce your energy costs while contributing to the safety of the environment.

Your Introduction to Home Energy Systems

Home energy systems primarily are associated with the sun. The most popular residential energy system is the conversion of solar energy for electricity or water heating. There are two main types of solar energy, light and thermal. Light energy, from the sun, is harnessed by a collecting medium then transformed into electricity. Thermal energy, which is derived from the heat of the sun, is used to directly warm household water and swimming pools.

Solar Energy Systems 101

The sun is where all energy on the earth comes from. Solar energy has been used for thousands of years to heat homes and water, but only recently has it been reliably converted to electricity to power your home.

Make your own Biodiesel

Biodiesel, as an alternative fuel, has a number of benefits, but one of the biggest benefits is that that anyone can make Biodiesel at home. Let us imagine: Being able to produce your own fuel for your car or even power your entire home with the energy you created in your garage? That would translate into quite a lot of savings for you.

DIY Solar Power Kits – Do They Really Work?

I thought it would be a good idea to get a colleague of mine to answer this questions, Joe Stark is also a solar energy consultant, who actually put me onto the idea of DIY solar power solutions. I will let Joe answer this question in his own words. “A question that many people interested […]

How To Build A Cheap Solar-Powered Furnace With Pop Cans

The idea of using recycled cans to heat a building may sound a little wacky at first, but a company in Canada has proved the idea makes great sense. Cansolair Inc. has used aluminum cans in it’s solar panels for over 10 years now, and they’ve even won awards for their design.

EPA Penalty Can Prove Costly To Companies

Refrigeration and air-conditioning systems; commercial refrigeration; heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; fire protection systems; and other equipment using refrigerant gas are part of the phase out program now underway in the United States. Facilities that use this ozone-depleting gas risk a significant EPA penalty by not following requirements under the U.S. Clean Air Act.

How to Build a Solar Panel Tips and Suggestions

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to know how to build a solar panel. Not least among these is the fact that a solar panel can be a highly excellent source of energy for your home. It is also more ideal for the environment since it utilizes the natural power of the sun. Whether you will be using it for your home or your vacation residence, a solar panel will work best for your every time.

Will a DIY Solar Power Homemade Energy System Really Save You Money?

People choose to implement their own DIY Solar Power homemade energy system for any number of reasons. Firstly there are the environmental factors, solar energy is a much cleaner energy source and is renewable, in this day and age of informed consumers, many want to help heal the planet and provide a stable future for […]

Bottled Water Same Quality as Tap Water, Says Study

Bottled water and tap water have the same level of chemical contaminants, according to an October, 2008, study.

Toyota Prius Gets Solar Upgrade

The Prius, Toyota’s flagship hybrid vehicle, is set to get a solar system upgrade for its latest version (version 3) scheduled for release in 2010. The Prius which is a hybrid vehicle which runs on Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive, will come equipped with a roof covered entirely in solar panels. Disappointingly the panels will only […]

Make Biodiesel At Home

Have you heard of the benefits of biodiesel? Well maybe you have but do you know that you can make biodiesel from the comfort of your home? Just imagine making your own fuel for your vehicle. It would mean that you’ll save a lot of money!

5 reasons it makes sense to use homemade energy

The case for implementing homemade energy sources is becoming stronger and stronger by the day. The major reasons homemade energy is so desirable are 1. Significant impact on helping the environment, in the uk alone some 30m tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided by implementing homemade energy solutions. 2. Self Sustaining energy such as […]

Airplanes to run on flower power

“Flower power” may soon be used to fuel airplanes and other commercial aircraft. No, I’m not referring to the slogan of non-violence used by the hippies or Flower Children of the late ’60s.

Sporting Green Alliance Recycle Electronics

The message that Leigh Steinberg and the Sporting Green Alliance delivered was clear – if you want to have a positive impact on the planet, you need to learn how to recycle electronics. There are not enough people in the world who are recycling their electronic waste when they replace old gadgets with new ones. Many of the components within gadgets and electronics can be reused. Additionally, there are some components of electronics and gadgets that need to be properly disposed of. Rather than simply throw your old gadgets away you can recycle electronics in order to dispose of them properly, giving their components and elements a new life.

DIY Solar Power – Is it Possible to Build Your Own Solar Panels?

A lot of people are now viewing solar power as a viable alternative to power their homes and move away from traditional energy sources and all the problems surrounding them. Due to the expense associated with installing a traditional solar power system, more and more of these solar savvy people are undertaking DIY Solar Panel […]

Pollution reduces flowers’ fragrance

Air pollution is decreasing the fragrance of flowers around us and making it difficult for insects to find them.

Using Recycled Moving Boxes

When you move, you are going to have a huge impact on the environment. Any time someone moves, they inevitably do away with loads of belongings that they no longer need. You have probably seen the curb of your neighbor’s house when he moved piled high with junk and items that were once valuable to him.

Why DIY Solar Power is the way of the Future

The future of our current energy resources is a bleak one. Not only are we chewing up our finite energy sources at a rate of consumption never seen before, we are also faced with rising costs and being at the whim of politically unstable countries. Add to this the likelihood that China and India are […]

What Is A Compost

If you’ve been try to become more green and figure out ways to better care for environment then you’ve probably heard of compost. But if you’re asking yourself, what is compost? Then read one because you may be about to take a step in a more environmentally friendly direction that your vegetable and flower garden will love you for.

Facts About Energy Comsumption – Why Move to Alternative Energy?

In the United States alone there are some 600 + power plants in operation. The vast majority of these power plants are coal based conventional power plants. Of recent times we have seen a shift to new energy sources, wind power in the US now accounts for 18,302 MW (mega watts) of energy usage which […]

Global Warming

Global warming is one of the “hottest” issues nowadays. The current climate change is the worst yet to happen. Global warming is an overall increase in world temperature which is attributed to the increasing number of greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere. Searching an alternative energy source is considered a way of reducing the toxic emissions.

Solar Hot Water Heater Basics

The sun has been used for 1000s of years to passively heat water. In fact over 40,000,000 homes in China use solar as the primary energy source for hot water heat. In the US new home builder are being required to install solar water heating in southern states such as Hawaii.

What to look for in a Do It Yourself Solar Power System

So your thinking about looking into a do it yourself solar power system for your house? It’s definitely a smart choice, there is the savings you will make by powering your home with a free energy source, there is the lessening impact on the environment that choosing a renewable, non polluting energy source has, the […]

Every Gardener Wants a Greenhouse

So you think you want to buy a greenhouse? This very question is on a lot of peoples minds these days; mainly because growing your own food has become an appealing option to buying at the local store for health and safety reasons. However, you need to know a few things before you commit to a greenhouse to have a good experience.

How You Can Help Stop Bear Farming

Today, bear farming is considered to be one of the most rampant and the worst form of animal cruelty. The process involved in bear farming causes repeated agony, pain and suffering to bears. The bear farmers will say that it was all for the good: bear farms offer an abundant and renewable supply of bile for medicinal use and at the same time reduces pressure on wild bear populations. They argue that extracting bile from bears in captivity obviates the need to trap and kill wild bears, and thus contributes to their conservation. However, many people are becoming concerned. Does it really contribute to the bear’s overall welfare? I’m afraid not.

Choosing a wood Boiler Heating System

Outdoor wood boiler heating systems are an old technology that is coming back into vogue in many places. The basic technology works like this: In a shed far from the house, you put a wood burning furnace which heats the water in a water container. Both the furnace and the water vat are insulated to keep the heat in. The heated water is then transported across the property, usually the yard, through pipes. It heats the house and the water that gets used inside it.

Why Organic Gardening?

You’ve probably noticed that organic foods are becoming very popular. This is because many individuals are learning the benefits of organic foods. At first, it seemed as if ‘organic’ was a word used to describe an exotic type of food, but it is anything but. Some individuals would even steer clear of the organic foods section in their local supermarket because of the fact that these foods were different. But now, organic food is something that is found all over the supermarket. There is a section in produce designated for organic, but you will find these foods scattered all throughout the supermarket.


Living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is important to your health and the health of our planet. We have polluted the soil, water, and the air that we breath with toxic gases,pesticides, and fertilizers . It makes no difference where you live. As long as you eat, drink water and eat, you are affected by pollution.

More Reasons to Build Your Own Solar Panel

With energy resources decreasing rapidly and global warming altering climates over the world, a lot of folks are looking towards renewable energies for shrinking their carbon footprint. Yet, even the most environmentally enthusiastic individual can’t act on such attempts without a large financial investment. The installation of a solar power system can run into thousands […]

Alternative Energy – Electric Powered Cars

As stated before here at we will be taking a look from time to time into other alternative energy sources as well as our main focus which is solar energy. Today we take a look at the idea of changing to electric powered cars and other vehicles (also known as PHEV’s) to help off […]

DIY Alternative Energy Projects – The Road to A Greener, Cheaper Future

DIY alternative energy projects are fast gaining acceptance as a viable way to generate energy for our homes without the expense and environmental harm that traditional energy sources bring. DIY alternative energy projects have always been a source of pleasure for the handy person and often the whole family, combine that with savings made from […]

Recycling Has Many Benefits According To Leigh Steinberg

Recycling is a matter for all of us to participate. I read with great interest the article that I happened to find on It talked about how recycling is something that even our ancestors participated in as a means to ensure that they could survive with a lot less waste.