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Alternative Electricity Generation Is Perfectly Feasible

Alternative electricity generation is the wave of the future and will be very important for providing electricity years to come. Specifically the focus has moved from burning fossil fuels to using renewable energy sources. Burning gas, coal, and petroleum currently produces the vast majority of all electricity generation. Some renewable energy sources include hydropower, solar energy, biomass and wind power. There is a lot of research being applied to renewable energy sources.

Magnets 4 Energy – Magnetic Generator Free Energy

Zero point energy was used a hundred years ago to power cars. Now, it has re-emerged as a central part of the search for free energy. This includes three revolutionary technologies: wireless transmission of electricity, free electrostatic energy, and passive electrical propulsion.

Ozone Gases At Ground Level Pose A Danger To Us

A study that may see people giving a greater amount of attention to the quality of the air breathed in has been released in ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’.

The Return to Alternative Energy

There’s a lot more news about alternative energies recently. Different people have different ideas about just what it is. They also have different ideas about how long alternative energy has been around. I wrote this article to give my perspective on

Five Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades

Upgrade your thermostat

Energy Saving Tips and Utilizing Wind and Solar Power

Just like a number of others, I am convinced that you are taken aback too with the stunning expenses which we need to cover monthly given our energy consumption ” particularly our electricity bills. With the tough times, this leaves us though with no other choice than to search for means on how we can get energy saving. Youll be happy to know though that there are steps that are simple which we can observe to attain this particular goal. These are the things which I will be sharing with you in this article.

Global Warming or Hot Air?

Global warming, or more accurately man-made global warming is the single biggest moral and political issue of our age. The western governments have bought into the notion that carbon dioxide produced by mans industrial activities is causing a rise in the temperature of the planet, that this temperature rise must be stopped to avoid global catastrophe. But what substantiating evidence exists to back up this claim?

Greenhouse Gas Tracking To Become Mandatory

Greenhouse Gas tracking will soon become mandatory in the United States, with the first reports due in early 2011 for the 2010 year. The federal law affects businesses and governments with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems or refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, as well as those who produce industrial chemicals, fossil fuels, cars and engines. It is the responsibility of companies to review and comply with the new EPA regulations or face substantial fines.

Alternative Energy from the Ocean

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) was conceived of by the French engineer Jacques D’Arsonval in 1881. Too date, only one plant is employed anywhere in the world to pursue this goal and that is located at a laboratory in Hawaii. OTEC is a potential alternative energy source that needs to be funded and explored much more than it presently is but it is the expense that is the greatest problem. Energy from the ocean would be very clean burning and not add pollutants into the air but reducing costs is the main problem. Damages and other disturbing effects to our atmosphere brought about by the current technologies used is not something that OTEC plants can get rid of since they would need to be set up using those environmental issues, giving them the capacity to inflict same damage.

Make your own Biodiesel

Biodiesel, as an alternative fuel, has a number of benefits, but one of the biggest benefits is that that anyone can make Biodiesel at home. Let us imagine: Being able to produce your own fuel for your car or even power your entire home with the energy you created in your garage? That would translate into quite a lot of savings for you.

EPA Penalty Can Prove Costly To Companies

Refrigeration and air-conditioning systems; commercial refrigeration; heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; fire protection systems; and other equipment using refrigerant gas are part of the phase out program now underway in the United States. Facilities that use this ozone-depleting gas risk a significant EPA penalty by not following requirements under the U.S. Clean Air Act.

Make Biodiesel At Home

Have you heard of the benefits of biodiesel? Well maybe you have but do you know that you can make biodiesel from the comfort of your home? Just imagine making your own fuel for your vehicle. It would mean that you’ll save a lot of money!

Airplanes to run on flower power

“Flower power” may soon be used to fuel airplanes and other commercial aircraft. No, I’m not referring to the slogan of non-violence used by the hippies or Flower Children of the late ’60s.

Sporting Green Alliance Recycle Electronics

The message that Leigh Steinberg and the Sporting Green Alliance delivered was clear – if you want to have a positive impact on the planet, you need to learn how to recycle electronics. There are not enough people in the world who are recycling their electronic waste when they replace old gadgets with new ones. Many of the components within gadgets and electronics can be reused. Additionally, there are some components of electronics and gadgets that need to be properly disposed of. Rather than simply throw your old gadgets away you can recycle electronics in order to dispose of them properly, giving their components and elements a new life.

Pollution reduces flowers’ fragrance

Air pollution is decreasing the fragrance of flowers around us and making it difficult for insects to find them.

Using Recycled Moving Boxes

When you move, you are going to have a huge impact on the environment. Any time someone moves, they inevitably do away with loads of belongings that they no longer need. You have probably seen the curb of your neighbor’s house when he moved piled high with junk and items that were once valuable to him.

What Is A Compost

If you’ve been try to become more green and figure out ways to better care for environment then you’ve probably heard of compost. But if you’re asking yourself, what is compost? Then read one because you may be about to take a step in a more environmentally friendly direction that your vegetable and flower garden will love you for.

Solar Hot Water Heater Basics

The sun has been used for 1000s of years to passively heat water. In fact over 40,000,000 homes in China use solar as the primary energy source for hot water heat. In the US new home builder are being required to install solar water heating in southern states such as Hawaii.

Every Gardener Wants a Greenhouse

So you think you want to buy a greenhouse? This very question is on a lot of peoples minds these days; mainly because growing your own food has become an appealing option to buying at the local store for health and safety reasons. However, you need to know a few things before you commit to a greenhouse to have a good experience.

How You Can Help Stop Bear Farming

Today, bear farming is considered to be one of the most rampant and the worst form of animal cruelty. The process involved in bear farming causes repeated agony, pain and suffering to bears. The bear farmers will say that it was all for the good: bear farms offer an abundant and renewable supply of bile for medicinal use and at the same time reduces pressure on wild bear populations. They argue that extracting bile from bears in captivity obviates the need to trap and kill wild bears, and thus contributes to their conservation. However, many people are becoming concerned. Does it really contribute to the bear’s overall welfare? I’m afraid not.

Choosing a wood Boiler Heating System

Outdoor wood boiler heating systems are an old technology that is coming back into vogue in many places. The basic technology works like this: In a shed far from the house, you put a wood burning furnace which heats the water in a water container. Both the furnace and the water vat are insulated to keep the heat in. The heated water is then transported across the property, usually the yard, through pipes. It heats the house and the water that gets used inside it.

Why Organic Gardening?

You’ve probably noticed that organic foods are becoming very popular. This is because many individuals are learning the benefits of organic foods. At first, it seemed as if ‘organic’ was a word used to describe an exotic type of food, but it is anything but. Some individuals would even steer clear of the organic foods section in their local supermarket because of the fact that these foods were different. But now, organic food is something that is found all over the supermarket. There is a section in produce designated for organic, but you will find these foods scattered all throughout the supermarket.

Recycling Has Many Benefits According To Leigh Steinberg

Recycling is a matter for all of us to participate. I read with great interest the article that I happened to find on It talked about how recycling is something that even our ancestors participated in as a means to ensure that they could survive with a lot less waste.

Environmentally Friendly Septic Tank

The environment is very important for the fact that it is our home. It is also responsible for the food that we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. That is why it is very important that we take care of it to the best of our ability. One way to do that is by having an environmentally friendly septic tank.

Plumbing Practices Can Be Environmentally Friendly

A typical American home uses approximately one-hundred gallons of water per day, and according to the 2007 census, there are over one-hundred and eleven million households in the U.S. So, making some of the smallest changes to your own plumbing system can not only save you money now, but a potentially significant amount of money over time. And if everyone made these changes it would make a huge positive impact on the environment.

Health Benefits with the Greatest Home Air Filters

Air purification is a developing marketplace as more and more individuals acknowledge the inherent advantages of taking in cleaner air. They are pretty affordable as well with many of the diverse varieties of purifiers in the 100 dollar range.

Be Eco-Friendly, Be Greener

It seems all you hear today is about living a greener lifestyle. You need to reduce your carbon footprint and your environmental impact. We all know that this is important, but it can feel like being lectured at times.

Breathe Easier With The Best Air Purifiers

Air contamination is an progressively damaging problem as more and more industry springs up. It’s a problem with global implications, and people are developing more respiratory maladies identical to bronchial asthma than ever before as a result. You can protect your health and the wellness of your entire household by buying an air purifier for your house. Even natural ills similar to seasonal allergic reactions can be diminished with one of these purifiers, which will withdraw contaminants from the air. Picking Out the most healthful air purifier can be tough, but recognizing what each type is good for will allow you to choose the best purifier for your household.

Renewable Energy – What Can I Do?

You cannot define renewable energy that easily. It is the general term used for a whole range of unconventional energy sources, so the definition has to be all-encompassing. As most experts put it, renewable energy is any energy source that occurs naturally and very widely.

Rushing Rivers to provide MesoHABSIM training Courses

Technology is growing at a rapid pace and environmental science needs to stay up to par. In response to this, Rushing Rivers Institute scientists have adapted models to utilize these advances in order to better fight river destruction. The result is MesoHABSIM, a sophisticated augmentation of former habitat simulation models to help river scientists in their simulation as well as future river plans.

Rushing Rivers: Intent on Preventing Corruption of Earth’s Rivers

Rushing Rivers Institute is an Environmental Non-Profit organization designed to protect the world’s rivers for both human and natural use. R.R.I. differs from other programs with its ability to fuse its expertise in both ecological and physical sciences into harmonious engineering

Advantages Of Using Paper Bags For Shopping

One might be amazed at the number of uses paper shopping bags provide. From grocery stores to gift shops, they are a mainstay of any retail business and a fixture of everyone’s lives.

Announcing River Climate action from Rushing Rivers Institute

The scientific community has concluded that climate change is a real phenomenon. Even the predictions that are most moderate indicate the Earth warming several degrees Celsius by the year 2100, which is an alarming increase. Of the issues affected by this problem, Rivers are among the most hurt.