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5 reasons it makes sense to use homemade energy

The case for implementing homemade energy sources is becoming stronger and stronger by the day. The major reasons homemade energy is so desirable are 1. Significant impact on helping the environment, in the uk alone some 30m tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided by implementing homemade energy solutions. 2. Self Sustaining energy such as […]

DIY Solar Power – Is it Possible to Build Your Own Solar Panels?

A lot of people are now viewing solar power as a viable alternative to power their homes and move away from traditional energy sources and all the problems surrounding them. Due to the expense associated with installing a traditional solar power system, more and more of these solar savvy people are undertaking DIY Solar Panel […]

Why DIY Solar Power is the way of the Future

The future of our current energy resources is a bleak one. Not only are we chewing up our finite energy sources at a rate of consumption never seen before, we are also faced with rising costs and being at the whim of politically unstable countries. Add to this the likelihood that China and India are […]

What to look for in a Do It Yourself Solar Power System

So your thinking about looking into a do it yourself solar power system for your house? It’s definitely a smart choice, there is the savings you will make by powering your home with a free energy source, there is the lessening impact on the environment that choosing a renewable, non polluting energy source has, the […]

More Reasons to Build Your Own Solar Panel

With energy resources decreasing rapidly and global warming altering climates over the world, a lot of folks are looking towards renewable energies for shrinking their carbon footprint. Yet, even the most environmentally enthusiastic individual can’t act on such attempts without a large financial investment. The installation of a solar power system can run into thousands […]

7 Reasons to Build Your Own Solar Panels

There are many reasons to build your own solar panels, we thought we would bring your our top seven reasons to get your own DIY solar project up and running. So without further a due….. Top 7 Reasons to Build Your Own Solar Panels Save Money : Possibly the first and foremost reason for most […]

DIY Solar Power – Free Energy From The Sun

As we all know, the resources that form our traditional energy sources are being depleted at a rapid rate. Not only are our energy sources dying up and the cost rising as a result, but the side effects it has on the environment are devastating and something we humanity must look to correct with urgency. […]

DIY Solar Panels – Reducing the Cost of Solar Panels

For many people interested in Solar Power, there is one factor that has caused them to hesitate or shelve the idea altogether and that is the cost of solar panels. With the current state of global warming it is imperative that we find ways to reduce the cost of solar panels. The benefits of such […]

DIY Solar Power Kits – Homemade Energy Review

Homemade Energy is fast becoming the buzz word in environmental circles. Consumers are becoming fed up with the problems associated with using conventional energy resources. Tired of rising costs, changing our lifestyle and in some cases being subjected to rationing, many home owners are turning to the newest trend in energy conservation DIY Solar Power […]

Residential Solar Power – Solar Power For Homes

With the rising cost of fuel and its potential limited availability combined with the increasing damaging environmental impact of their emissions and pollutants on the earth, it is high time we had a re think when it comes to alternative energy. An increasingly popular way to address these issues is to take up the notion […]

Solar Power Kits

More and more households across the globe are discovering the benefits a solar power kit can bring to their lives. Putting together your own solar power kit is much easier than you may be lead to believe, there are some outstanding guides out there that take you step by step through the process of assembling […]

Make Solar Panels – Save $$$’s by Making Your Own Solar Panels

OK so you have decided to save some serious cash and make your own solar panels. The process is surprisingly easy!, you can make solar panels for under $200 with materials available at your local hardware store. A lot of people are willing to embrace the idea of using solar energy to save not only […]

Solar Power For The Home

Solar power for the home, is an extremely responsible step for the homeowner to take. Forgetting the savings you stand to make from “living off the grid”, solar power is a much needed energy alternative if we are to help the earth recover or at least not spiral deeper into the environmental mess we find […]

10 Facts About Solar Energy

At Solarpowerdiy we thought it would be fun to present to you 10 Facts About Solar Energy. So without further adue, we give you, 10 Facts About Solar Energy: Solar Energy is a renewable source of energy, while the sun remains functioning we will always have solar energy. You can power household appliances, motor vehicles, […]

Homemade Solar Power

Homemade solar power is a cheap and viable source of energy. By powering your pc, water heating needs, television, lights and almost any appliance you can think of, homemade solar power will soon have you living off the grid and saving you money in the process. Homemade solar energy is also great for holiday houses, […]

Build Your Own Solar Panel Kits

Solar Panels are still very expensive to buy, its because of this many people still think of Solar Power Systems as being too expensive to seriously consider installing. There is an alternative that is rapidly gaining popularity on the internet in particular and it involves learning how to build your own solar panel kits. Humanity […]

What is Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy? Solar Energy is energy radiated or given off by the sun. The sun is made up of many gases, in particular hydrogen and helium gases. The core of the sun is largely made up of hydrogen atoms which combine together via a process we call nuclear fusion to form helium atoms. […]

Using Wind Power To Go Green

Nowadays everybody is starting to feel the need to go green, and everybody is starting to think of ways that they can help the planet but still keep the lifestyles they’re accustomed to. Wind power is an excellent alternative energy source that has many benefits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

When investigating the advantages and disadvantages of solar power one quickly realizes the number of disadvantages are very few and can be overcome, whilst the advantages are enormous. The main areas the advantages and disadvantages of solar power are evident in both the areas of cost and environmental impact. The advantages of solar power include: […]

Solar Power For Homes

As we strive to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and free ourselves from the cost of rising fuel and energy, it makes sense that more and more of us are thinking about the cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution of solar power for homes. Solar Power for homes has been a much talked about […]

Homemade DIY Solar Power

In these times of financial uncertainty and global warming fears more and more people are turning to a cheaper and more natural source of energy, the sun. DIY Solar Power kits are fast becoming a popular project for householders to undertake, in their attempts to live a greener, cleaner lifestyle as well as save some […]

Quick Ideas To Make Your House More Green

With subjects like planetary warming and rapidly depleting fossil fuels and other threats to the environment at the forefront of the news, house owners are opting more and more to do what they can to switch to environmentally-friendly habits. For those of you who haven’t joined in or don’t know where to start, there are many things the average person can do, starting with the home.